Should we (in the USA) keep using the death penalty for crimes like mass murder and terroristm?

Asked by: LordJiine
  • Yes we should.

    Evil criminals such as murderers and terrorists do not have a right to live. They are a danger and while still alive pose a threat yo society. They are better off executed. This also saves considerable money as keeping dangerous criminals in high security detension centres for long periods of time is very expensive.

  • Yes in the cases of extreme criminals

    These extreme criminal provide nothing to society and would be better off executed then being kept alive and imprisoned. They are a menace to society so they should not be a part of society. Now I think a better question would be how to reduce the high price of the death penalty.

  • Death Penalty Is More Than Vengeance!

    The death penalty according to Locke is a statement by society that it will not accept a certain behavior due to its threat to the safety and security of a community. Under that definition, the death penalty should be employed for two things: murder and rape. As for terrorism, I don't believe that it is a civil crime. Terrorism is an act of military aggression by non-uniformed combatants. Consequently, they must be executed according to military law.

  • It's not even a punishment.

    Once the extreme criminal has been killed, they're not going to care. Death is the easy way out for serial offenders. They don't need to live through the boredom and monotony of life in prison, or the labour involved in community service. Their death does however, antagonise their friends and family, with the possibility of causing resentment against law enforcement, and in the case of religious or political terrorists, radicalise even more people, who would see the offender as a martyr. The one useful thing capital punishment DOES do is to remove hazardous people from society, but this is also accomplished by prison and/or offshore detention.

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  • No, the death penalty should not be legal.

    The death penalty is something that should have been gone long ago. The deathly penalty is very costly , studies have proven that some states even pay more than 90,000 dollars per person executed. It is infact less costly to imprison someone for life then to face the death penalty, which is a complete waste of taxpayer's hard-earned money. One big reason the death penalty shouldn't exist is because there may be a chance for someone to be innocent and that cannot be rectified when the death penalty is imposed, which has happened in the past. Another main factor why I'm opposed to the death penalty is because a state cannot regulate who gets to live and who gets to die; that is up to God as we are a 'NATION UNDER GOD'. The death penalty needs to go.

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