• Funding well spent

    Science funding in general is money well spent; scientists tend to put the goal they are working towards above political differences, so the money is not wasted, but allocated efficiently, and the discoveries led to by the same research have incredible value for the future, both real and intangible in society.

  • Public funding keeps us all healthy.

    We absolutely should increase funding for medical science all over the world. When we do public funding for medical science, it keeps the results from being kept secret or charged obscenely high prices for by private companies. The more public we can keep advances in medical science, the better off we will all be.

  • Medical science should be priority

    Is there any science more important than the one that keeps us, as a race, alive? I think that medical science should be prioritized in America. I think that being able to treat diseases and help those that are maimed or injured is an important thing for the people of the world.

  • Yes, it's essential

    We still have diseases we don't know how to defeat, isn't that enough to justify further funding of medical science? We're not doing our jobs if we aren't doing what we can to figure out how to eradicate things that kill people, it's common sense to try to be as medically advanced as humanly possible.

  • The government doesn't need to fund it.

    No, we should not increase funding for medical science, because the government does not need to be funding medical science. There is enough interest and profit to be made in the sciences that the private sector will likely always be interested in studying science. As long as there is a profit motive, the government does not need to fund it. There is enough private interest.

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