• Its clean and safe

    People against nuclear energy are like people who deny climate change - essentially conspiracy theorists who believe that large, reputable organizations cover up the extent of nuclear accidents while, at the same time, funding people to produce research that confirms their beliefs. How many millions died at chernobyl? 56. Not millions, just 56 people - and, potentially 4,000 more due to cancer. Not insignificant, but certainly not the millions people claim.

  • The uninformed public fears nuclear energy too much

    Nuclear energy would serve as a viable replacement for carbon based fuels. A report was released earlier this week stating that we have used more coal in 2013 than in the past 20 years prior. Our demand for energy is growing very quickly and as a result we are increasing carbon emissions at a dangerous rate. There have been no deaths in the united states as a result of nuclear reactors, however I encourage you to research deaths due to particulates formed from expending fossil fuels. I am not going to say that there are no risks to utilizing nuclear energy, but I will say that we have become desensitized to the risks (and real damages) or fossil fuels. With more money invested in development of a nuclear energy program, we could ensure more rigorous safety protocols to handle "what if" scenarios. We need nuclear energy to give solar power more time for development and implementation. Yes, we have used nuclear development in horrible ways in the past, and will always have to live with the consequences of developing weapons with the technology, but that does not mean that we can not use the technology to fix the greatest environmental and economic troubles of our time.

  • No, i don't think so.

    No. I don't believe that we should increase nuclear energy. I think that it is too risky. The risk of a nuclear meltdown is too great even if those are uncommon. The toll on the environment and on wildlife and the people who are living in the area and exposed to the radiation is too great.

  • I don’t think that we should increase the use of nuclear energy.

    I don’t think that we should increase the use of nuclear
    energy. Instead, I think that every
    single country on the face of the Earth should ban the use of nuclear energy in
    any form. Nuclear energy is possibly the
    most dangerous form of energy ever discovered.
    It would be safer for everyone if this form of energy was banned.

  • It Is Just Not Safe

    We live in a crazy world, where violent acts may be going down, but when these violent acts do happen, they are to the extreme. Less things we make that can potentially kill millions of people, the better. Not only that, but the Nuclear Reactors leak radioactive material into our water and the ocean. Water is gong to be like gold the way we are polluting it and with all the recent droughts across the world.

  • Nuclear Energy Not Recommended

    Throughout the past few decades, countries have shown a knack for messing up nuclear energy. We are causing harm in our pursuit of this energy source due to improper waste handling and other issues. Americans and other nations should stay away from nuclear energy until safer methods of harnessing it become available.

  • No, we should not increase nuclear energy.

    Nuclear energy can potentially be very dangerous when an accident happens during the testing and development of the energy. This is why we should not increase nuclear energy until we have learned more about the possible effects of a nuclear energy accident. These effects are too dangerous to risk without more testing.

  • Nuclear energy is dangerous

    Nuclear energy can be very risky and have a bad outcome on human and animal health. It is a big sorce of energy but it is a waste of time because if the nuclear energy is desturbed it can let out radiation and let out alot of damage. The consiquences of nuclear energy are not worth creating it.

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