• Celebrities deserve privacy too

    As I write a 10 paged paper on how celebrities deserve just as much privacy as we do, I realize that everyone deserves the same amount of privacy regardless of what profession they decide to go into. Especially with a celebrity's child, their parents stepped into the spotlight, not them.

  • Paparazzi Should Be Made Illegal

    The paparazzi are incredibly disrespectful. They do not have a care in the world about the privacy of celebrities. Indeed, some people do enjoy the publicity that the paparazzi can offer, but overall, the lack of respect for other human beings from them makes me sick. People are desensitized and ignorant to what paparazzi is. Having every detail of a persons life out in the open is making the world a negative place. FUCK THE PAPARAZZI.

  • It is out of control

    Haven't the paparazzi learned from Princess Diana. They say it's their job to get money and raise their family, well that night the paps got so needy that it lead to her getting into the car crash. And does the people who say "it's part of the job" think about the celebs kids? If you have kids you wouldn't let anybody touch them, but what if there were 10-20+ paps shouting stupid, irrelevant things to you and trying to get a good picture of you, shining white flashes in you and your kids faces? Really if they were more nice like the 24/7 paps tv guy on youtube then the celebs would be way more nice to the other paps. Blocking somebody's way yelling stupid things to him/her. If i was a celeb i would lash out too. Nobody should be judging it must be horrible, and I'm not a person that sends out the sympathy card to most celebs.

  • Paparazzi regulations need to be increased

    The paparazzi have been intruding peoples lives. Celebrities are no different than us, just imagine yourself in their place. Everyday you would have to constantly hide from them in fear they will make you look bad on a magazine or t.v. on purpose. They also invade privacy, they aren't some animal on display they are a human being.

  • Paps need to get a grip on themselves

    So it's illegal to stalk without a camera but to stalk with one. Paps invade people's privacy , Verbally assault and sometimes even physically assault. But, apparently it's all okay because they have a camera in their hand. Paps need get a grip on themselves and give celebs space. Why? Because celebs are human too.

  • Its a paid version of stalking

    Its a paid version of stalking. Celebrities are becoming afraid of new heights that the paparazzi would go to to get photos, fine yes celebs don't have the authority to punch a photographers head in, but the Photographer doesn't have the right to stop a celebrity from getting to their car and boxing them in so they have to run people over.
    Paparazzi must be made illegal it's stalking.

  • Even if it's their job, they cross the boundaries of safety and respect

    Boxing a celebrity in so that she cannot drive away (the Kardashians) or so that she can only escape by driving over running someone over (an option Pam Anderson fortunately didn't take) or staking out on her lawn (Jennifer Lawrence) is just disgusting. It's unsafe and it's basically stalking. A celebrity has to deal with numerous pictures being taken of her but should never have to deal with being stalked. That's disrespect of her rights as a person. Furthermore, when the paparazzi behaves in this way towards celebrities and their children, it's even more disgusting. Children, especially, should not have to deal with the stress that comes from running from the paparazzi. They're simply too young. Yes, the paparazzi' s job is to take celebrity photos, but when photographers become so zealous that they endanger people or stalk children, they've gone too far.

  • Paparazzi have been known to do stupid things for their media

    Paparazzi have caused accidents, and really should not be allowed to do what they do at all. Paparazzi infringe on the privacy of famous people and cause injury or even death, as in the case of Princess Diana. No one has the right to harass another for a photo of a moment or anything else. This work should be banned completely. All people have a right to privacy.

  • Paparazzi Sucks.. Why should we invade personal property for pictures?

    When famous women are at the point where people with cameras are lying down on the floor to see whether or not they are wearing underwear, you know it's gone to far. Sure, everyone wants to know what everyone is up to, but personal property is an American right, whether you're famous or not. Sure, they're just doing their jobs, but it's simple gone too far.

  • Invasion of privacy & selling for profits

    These are celebrities, who get paid just for showing up at some places. Don't take my words out of context. It's obvious if ppl are using their image they should NOT be able to use it in any way shape or form, period. The should not be able to use it, period.

  • Not At All

    No, we should not increase regulations on the paparazzi. Even though the paparazzi are annoying to some, it is their job to be out there getting the pictures and the stories. Many of the pictures and stories that the paparazzi obtain would not have been granted willingly if asked. Public officials and celebrities gave up their right to total privacy when they became famous. The paparazzi are part of the deal – it goes with the territory and as such, should be accepted.

  • No they shouldn,t

    Because without them celeberties wouldn,t be famous so no celebs just need to get a life and respect their profession as photographers and by the way see 10 shocking cases of celebrities fighting the paparazzi then you'll think twice and no it is not a paid version of stalking ,jerk

  • No they shouldn,t

    Because without them celeberties wouldn,t be famous so no celebs just need to get a life and respect their profession as photographers and by the way see 10 shocking cases of celebrities fighting the paparazzi then you'll think twice and no it is not a paid version of stalking ,jerk

  • The Public Demands Pictures

    If the public did not demand pictures and tabloids all about celebrities the paparazzi would not get as much as a bad rap as they do. The public wants all the gossip about the hottest celebrities but when the paparazzi snaps a picture of a famous celebrity without makeup on its "harassment." The paparazzi is not all to blame for the high demand of celeb pictures.

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