• Yes, we should

    Yeah, they probably a terrorist.
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  • Yes, we should increase security checks on followers of Islam

    Although there are many followers of Islam that are upstanding and honest citizens, there is also an element that wants to do harm to all that do not subscribe to their beliefs. Security is extremely important in a world that has become very dangerous. We must do everything possible to prevent attacks on innocent people by radical islamics.

  • Security checks should be increased for followers of Islam

    The United States government should increase security checks for followers of Islam before entering this country. Although the vast majority are peaceful and law abiding, there are a violent minority that seeks to do us harm. Therefore, in the interest of public safety, extra precautions should be taken, with care being taken not to go overboard.

  • Yes. Its probably happening already.

    A sect of humans is determined to kill those not within the sect any way they can. It would be prudent for those not within that sect to try and prevent this from happening. Background checks are to be expected as is increased security at airports. This is not racist nor islamaphobic, this is common sense.

  • Racism is wrong

    It is one of the greatest misconceptions to assume that one is a terrorist because of their religion. This is ridiculous. There are many terrorists who are not Muslim, but they are heard about less because of the media. Saying that Muslims are more likely to be terrorists is complete racism.

  • Not if that's the sole reason

    If there's a history of associations with radical or violent groups or some other types of warnings fine. If the person is related to someone on the watch list or has been seen buying 30 cell phones or stockpiling weapons etc fine. Just because someone follows Islam doesn't make them a terrorist. That's like saying we have to watch all Christians or all Jews just because of their particular religion.

  • No because it is stupid

    It is stupid to assume everyone who is a Muslim is a terrorist. I know what has been happening couple decades, but that is a very small percentage of the millions of Muslims around the world. If the Christian extremists decided to become terrorists, would you want countries to have increased security on all Christians?

  • No, I do not think the United States should increase security checks on Islamic follwers.

    No, I do not think the United States should increase security checks on Islamic followers because not all Muslims are terrorists and the actions of a few shouldn't affect an entire group of people. The United States needs to increase security checks on suspected terrorists and extremists but must ensure that United States officials are fair and civil.

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