Should we increase taxes on the middle class to help pay down the national debt?

  • We Should Tax The Middle Class More

    I think that it is a good idea to tax the middle class more to get the national debt lower than what it is. As a matter of fact, all classes should have to pay more taxes. Its the easiest and quickest way to minimize this country's current debt problem.

  • Make it fair! Yes!

    Currently, top earners are taxed at 35%. Middle class families are at 25%. Granted, 10K means a lot more to me than it does a millionaire but we're talking about a percentage. To say one should contribute more than another percentage wise is biased. "You applied yourself and make more than me, therefore you must pay a higher percentage than me!" It's simple math, even if both incomes are taxed at the same rate, the higher earner still pays more. Should we temporarily raise taxes on middle class? Yes, even if it's only 1%. 1% of 1 billion is 10 million dollars, but I imagine the figures are a lot higher than that. Tax revenue I think is somewhere around 2.5 Trillion per year? So we're talking about billions with a 1% increase. Do that for a few years until spending can get a grip and we start chiseling down on the debt.

  • No. We should eliminate welfare programs

    No we should need increase taxes on the middle class. What the gov't needs to do is to eliminate all welfare programs. This means SNAP, WIC, Section 8, Medicaid (just a few examples). That is, all means-tested programs. No cuts on SSI or Medicare. This alone will free up over 0.5 trillion dollars per year.

  • Tax The Rich

    The middle class is burdened with many of the economic problems facing our nation today. Middle class families are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their living needs from the increasing cost of just about every they buy. They are forced to stretch their dollars further than they've ever had before, needing to find creative ways to make their dollars last. Increasing taxes on the middle class will only increase this burden.

    The rich, on the other hand, enjoy a standard of living far above those of the middle class. In addition, they often pay a lower tax rate than the middle class due to special tax incentives that only they can take advantage of. Taxing the rich to help pay down the national debt and help pay for other government services is the appropriate step to take. Some of the rich like Warren Buffett are even calling for tax increases on the rich, and are very willing to be taxed at a higher rate.

  • The middle class needs to spend.

    The middle class are probably the best spenders and the best money makers. Both of these traits are good for our economy so it would be unwise to punish them through increasing their taxes. If there's no better way to allocate what tax money is already received it would be wiser to increase taxes on the upper class who have more than they need.

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