• We need to leave earth

    Yes we do have a lot of problems on earth but every time we went out to a new frontier we would always have new inventions that would help us we need to go in space if the human race will survive forever lets say there's a plague it could wipe out the human race but not if we are a intergalactic species we would be able to survive right now if anything happens to earth we are all dead if we go to space there is nothing that can touch us sure it will be dangerous but what frontier isn't we have always wanted to move forward and increase are knowledge that is human nature space is are next adventure i think yes we should go to space

  • Yes, we should

    Space is the next frontier for human expansion. Our planet is already reaching the limit to the amount of human beings we can feed and several natural resources are becoming scarce. Space has that abundant of resources that could solve many of the earths problems. One astroid for instance that NASA discovered which is about 2 kilometers long, has been found to have an abundance of iron and nickel. Scientists and economists have estimated that the total worth of that 2 kilometer long astroid to be in the trillion dollar range. Plus with several locations in our solar system sporting a lot of water (which can be broken down into hydrogen, a fuel, and oxygen, breathable air) space stations can not only feed and power themselves, but do it in a much cheaper fashion than transporting the materials from earth. The only problem that is in the way is that the infrastructure itself has yet to be built. This does require expensive shuttle launch to get the materials in space to build it, but once it is finished space travel can become remarkably cheap. A space elevator for instance (which is easier to build in space than on earth) can reduce the cost of transporting materials to and from space to about $100 per pound compared to the current $10,000 per pound. Its just like how earlier expeditions across the atlantic by european powers cost a sizable chunk of the treasury. Later on travel between these continents became very cheap and more common. So if you are wary about the cost of space travel, don't worry. It will get better.

  • NO, it shouldnt.

    No, we should not increase the amount of space travel because it costs a lot of money, its dangerous, and we are wasting time and research on space while we already have a bunch of different problems here on earth. Yes, I know that an increase in space travel would be very helpful, because then the astronaut’s would give you stories of their real life experiences which is far better than just videos and pictures and it would also give us information to better the world.
    Reason One that we shouldn’t increase the amount of space travel is because it costs a lot of money. For each launch it costs around 209 billion dollars! You heard me 209 billion dollars! While people are spending billions of dollars which we could spend on education and finding cures for illnesses and diseases. Also, there would be extra costs for the astronauts food ,oxygen and equipment. If you add all that it would be around 209.5 billion. Which is really expensive. All of that for one launch. Not really worth it.
    Reason Two it can be very dangerous. If perhaps an astronaut ran out of air while they're exploring a planet, BOOM they suffocate and die. That can also go for the space vessel which can run out of oxygen and the same thing happens. Also, if the ship runs out of fuel you’d be drifting around in space with food that doesn't even taste good for the rest of your life, which would be pretty short because there's only so much to go around because you have about 5 other people with you. If you're perhaps exploring out in space and the rope that keeps you attach to the vessel somehow gets dettacht then you're floating in space for about another say day and then you die. Also ,you can get sick from going in space.
    Reason Three is we are wasting time and research on space while we already have a bunch of problems here on earth. While we are wasting time,research, and money on space, we could be looking for cures for illnesses, disease, and/or poverty. Also, under water there are signs that there could be solutions to illnesses and diseases. So we could be researching on that not things in space.

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