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  • School isn't for everyone

    The truth that education is a key to success in the US is overdrawn; while education certainly does have a serious effect on advancement in the US, the relationship is more a correlation than people care to admit. Children should not be forced into school for their entire lives because, if they're not going to get much out of it, they should work or learn a trade far earlier.

  • Compulsory education is fine as it is

    Increasing the compulsory age would simply force those who do not care for school to keep going, which would not carry any benefits for the person or the school. Instead, the student should be able to enter the workforce if he or she so chooses, instead of spending that time sitting in a classroom that they do not care to be in. Increasing the compulsory age will not result in any higher education for the student who wishes not to attend school.

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