Should we increase the curfew on student drivers?

  • Yes, students should have curfew when driving.

    No driving license should be a full one without restrictions until a student is out of high school or reaches the age of 18. Until that time, we need to put curfews on the time when a young person can drive at night so that they are not running around as late with the possibility of accident.

  • My State Is Strict

    In the state I reside in, within the United States, student drivers initial license allows them to drive during daylight hours for transportation purposes to and from school, to and from school activities, and to and from work and work related activities. These restrictions, I believe, are a little stiffling in my opinion, so I see no reason to make even more.

  • Curfew is good.

    I don't think that most teen drivers need more flexibiities, I think that they actually need less. I think that the curfew on student drivers is fine exactly where it is. I do not think that the curfew needs to be raised at all, as there is no real benefit to doing so.

  • Leave it to the parents

    Student drivers aren't the only stupid drivers out late at night, and sometimes they aren't the stupid ones at all! Curfews should not be legally defined for people of any age, these are the sort of rules that should be left to parents and families. There's no reason a teenager can't be out at night driving as long as he's doing it responsibly.

  • School nights, yes.

    I think when it comes to students getting a slightly later adjucted curfew, I think it should be extended longer for school nights. High school can be pretty tough and requrie a student to put in a lot of late nights with a group proect and members. They should be able to not be at risk driving home late.

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