• As a Brazilian, I think you should.

    If you instigate World War 3, that will mean the complete obliteration of every country that have nuclear weapons and their allies, which means that after it ends, Brazil will be the biggest, richest and most powerful country in the world, so, go for it! Meanwhile, I'm just going to buy some popcorn.

  • What the Hell?

    We might as well all commit suicide. That's pretty much what your saying. Does any one remember WWII or WWI? I'm not saying I'm a hippie or anything, I'd just rather not die. And you want your country to be the richest country joepbr? Wow. Okay, well we you die, try and prove me wrong.

  • Too many bystanders

    WW III is not the answer. The end of civilization would be better achieved through a virus, either computer or biological.
    WW III would cause unneeded violence and take a lot of effort to create. Plus with all the peace keeping efforts out there it might not catch on - unlike a virus for which we could just sit back and watch do the work on its own.

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