• Common human courtesy

    If you were walking down the street and you saw someone being beaten up by someone who is giving them absolutely no mercy, would you not try to help the person being attacked? In my view, the definition of a hero is someone who risks their own safety for the good of others, the western world can be hero's by helping the Syrian people in this bloody civil war.

  • Yes, and we should support Bashar al-Assad!

    Bashar al-Assad is the only clear and sane choice for Syria and the middle east. He is a beacon of hope for all of the oppressed people of the Sharia law countries. He promotes a secular life to all no matter if you are Christian, Muslim (Shite, Sunni, and Alawite), Atheist, or Buddhist. Many people in this category may say yes for the Jidahist but I am saying yes for Assad and the Syrian Arab Army! Long Live Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Republic!

  • YES, we should.

    The fact that we have seen the injustices that the Syrian government has committed against its people, and the ongoing internal conflict which continues to plague the nation it's time we got involved. The United Nations, probably or NATO, so long as the International community puts an end to the wrongs that have occurred in Syria and continue to occur.

  • Very Bad Idea

    The last time we entered the Middle East it ended badly for the U.S. Why should we help a country that doesn't want us there. I may seem heartless but will we keep sending our young to fight for something they don't care for or believe in. It makes no sense, I hope Congress chooses not to go to war. There has been enough bloodshed.

  • No, we should not.

    We should not intervene in Syria because we are already at war, so we do not need to be in another war. Also if we do intervene, both sides will hate us even more, either we came to early, to late, intervened too much, or too little. So we should not intervene.

  • No no no no

    We need to stay out of there business. It will create more problems for than if we just do sanctions. One thing we need to learn as a society is there is the way we see things and the way they really are. We are not able to see all sides or truly understand what is going on.

  • First, I would like to point out that I don't tolerate the situation in Syria; However, intervening militarily is not a good idea.

    Military intervention in Syria will make things worst and disastrous just like what happened in the invasion of Iraq where the number of death was ample. Instead of doing the same thing, what should be done rather is to implement a no-fly-zone order in the area of Syria to avoid further bloodshed. This no-fly-zone means that no aircraft is allowed to fly over that area, otherwise it would attacked and put down. Such implementation would minimize the loss of lives as it prevents a possible airstrike from the Syrian government. If however, the measure is proven ineffective, then more serious sanction should be applied against Syria.

  • Mother Ducking no!

    Sending troops (I'm assuming that's part of the "intervene" thing) tends to bring with it some unintended consequences, like we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq, and they should not put this kind of burden on the taxpayers or the soldiers. Let's just wait and see, and let those who want to either go and fight themselves or send money to support military or humanitarian efforts!

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