• We should intervene in Syria, especially if the use of chemical weapons is occurring.

    Yes, we should intervene in Syria in response to use of chemical weapons. The people of Syria are in a dire situation right now, anyone who watches the news knows this. Recently, the US talked publicly about getting involved, but all that came out of it was Assad agreeing to turn over his chemical weapons. He should be punished for what he is doing and in the past the US has often taken a leadership role in similar situations.

  • No, we should not intervene in Syria.

    It is not the place of the United States to play global policeman. In nearly every instance in the past that we have intervened we have made things worse than when we got there. It is not the United States responsibility to intervene in global conflicts. We should stay out of the business of other countries unless it threatens our national security.

  • Let em fight

    No, we do not need to step in during the fight in Syria, because it is not our fight and we have no business going over there and jumping into their fight. I think that we need to let them handle it, even if they are using chemical weapons to fight.

  • No, We need to worry about ourselves

    Usually I would say that we should help whoever needs help but in America we have a lot of problems that need to be fixed before we worry about another country. I feel like Syria needs to figure out a plan that can work for them and then if we have the ability to help then we should. We can't just give all of our money and funds to this country and it will just be a waste.

  • America Should Stay Out

    I do not believe the United States should intervene in Syria even if they use chemical weapons. I do not believe what happens in Syria is fully our problem and I personally feel that we are over extended. I think it is best for the United States to stay out of this conflict.

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