• Yes we should

    Venezuela is a terrible country and has a terribly made government it's so corrupt i'd rather have a monkey that lives on a farm put together a government rather than the leaders of Venezuela. Plus is also has some oil for us so we can get an even better economy.

  • Venezuela is run by corruption and dictatorship.

    Venezuela's government is extremely corrupt and they kill their own people for protesting and Maduro is a dictator who thinks he has absolute control of Venezuela which caused him to drive Venezuela into the shithole we know today. He also rigged the election by filling up the National Electoral Council with paid rigged loyalists who were once even supproters of Hugo Chavez.

  • Yes We Should Overthrow Maduro.

    Here are the following reasons why we should invade Venezuela.

    1) Overthrow Maduro to get the job done.
    Maduro and Hugo Chavez have drove Venezuela into the worst state on earth with the worst economy out there and corruption in sky rocketing. People in Venezuela are now suffering each day due to Poverty and Famine and the irresponsible treatment Maduro gives to his people.

    2) Venezuela has been our enemy for a long time and to our allies.
    For the past decades, Venezuela has been not only a threat but an enemy to our allies in South America like Colombia, Brazil, And even in North America to Canada. Venezuela refuses to make peace and keeps driving themselves through hate towards Colombia, Brazil, Canada, And the US.
    Let's not forget that Venezuela is allied with Russia and Cuba, So it's best to get rid of threats before they become stronger like North Korea.

    3) We keep sending AID while we don't know where it may go.
    Recently, We have been sending humanitarian aid to the people of Venezuela to help but yet that does not solve the issue because we're doing the government's work and helping Maduro and the government of Venezuela may be taking the AID for themselves.

    4) Venezuela and it's regime have shown mass brutality to their OWN PEOPLE.
    Venezuela has opened fire and injured their own people in protests by using Military Force to strike their own civilians down for protesting. Ever since Venezuela's civilians tried to show an expression of Free Speech, The Venezuelan Government used Military Force upon their own civilians which resulted deaths of over 200 people, 19103 wounded from Venezuelan Military, And over 5000 people arrested for just simply trying to express their free speech.

    5) Profit and a boost to the Economy.
    If we invade Venezuela, It will not only be a win for Venezuela's people but also for us because we can profit out of this war because it boosts our economy and our military industrial complex, And patriotism. Military Manufacturing Companies sales will go sky high and it will create jobs for not only for our industries but also for our Military. So our economy will be going high if we go to war with Venezuela. Let's not forget the Oil Wells in Venezuela that can be profitable considering Venezuela has the largest reserve of Oil in the world.

    6) It finally puts an end to one of the problems we deal with and it's part of our interests.
    If we invade Venezuela, It will complete one of our interests and it will result very well in every way possible. Reasons for the war will be because of Venezuela's brutality onto their people and that they're our enemy and it will be a win-win for both sides and we can also profit from this war as well. The war should happen because it will finally get the job done.

  • What side is this?

    If we are talking about the U. S. , Than yes. Maduro and Chavez are absolute idiots who turned their entire nation into a horrible place. The U. S. Would invade, Get the job done quickly, And turn Venezuela into a fair and nice place to live for the future generations. To me, This is worth more than lives lost.

  • Yes We Should Invade.

    Venezuela's government is extremely corrupt and they kill their own people for protesting and Maduro is a dictator who thinks he has absolute control of Venezuela which caused him to drive Venezuela into the butthole we know today. He also rigged the election by filling up the National Electoral Council with paid rigged loyalists who were once even supproters of Hugo Chavez.

  • Pp poopy pee

    They have had it too good for too long, They are overall horrible people and should never be taken serious. Also, If piss comes out my butt, Would that mean that poo comes out my pp, And even then, Why is all of it red. Doesnt make any sense as to why

  • No We Shouldn't Overthrow Maduro,

    Maduro and Hugo Chavez are cool dudes, Legit the other day we smoked some joint and got high af together and he even started mentioning some sh*t about starting a full legalisation on cocaine which could bring mass amounts of profit to Venezuela. All in all he is a cool dude

  • Who is "we"?

    Why the fuck do you people say we when the vast majority, If not all of you, Are going to stay home banging our mums and scratching your fat asses.

    There are literally people who are going to die to get a puppet state for your fucking government and big US companies.

  • No more bully boys

    The U S only invade countries that are easy pickings and usually have a surplus of oil. What sort of country like this have the audacity to call them selves Christians Been to the U S seen the underlying poverty Why don't they fix up their own back yard before they invade other countries Bet Trumps young;ns won't be in the front line if they do

  • Why would we do this

    Venezuela is in awful shape right now they do not need us to invade their country why would we even do this. Why should we waste our money on something that isn't threatening to our country. They are big boys down there they can fix their problems without us making it worse

  • I do not think we should invade venuzuela

    Venezuela is its own country and should not be invaded. Thousands of lives would be lost it is also pointless because what would we do with venezuela? It is just pointless and should not be a thing. I have never been in venezuela, But i now that many innocents live there.

  • I do not Think the US Army will do any good in Venezuela.

    I support local forces like Colombia and Brazil to intervene. I can support us sending in special forces and limited air support, But no regular army forces to fight on the front. The Brazilians and Colombians have a lot more knowledge in fighting in the region the the US does. Lastly the Venezuelans have over 1 million socialists militia men ready to fight a guerrilla war that local forces are a lot more used to fighting.

  • No invasion NOPE

    No invasion. Venezuela will not be invaded, Nor will the invasion take place, Nor Venezuela should be invaded, Nor it is the right to invade Venezuela. I will never support war with Venezuela, It is wrong. My opinion stands against the invasion of the Venezuela, And in favor of not invading Venezuela.

  • You can. I'm not.

    Invading countries is a whole load of hassle. All guns and shouting and tanks and helicopters and stuff. Far better to stop at home, Watch T. V. And generally do usual day to day things. Ok so you might think that invading might be fun for a day or two, But invasions have a tendency to hang on for months or even years and cost stupid money.

  • Support the people.

    Venezuela is not a treat to the U. S. Or any part of the world. What justification would we have to attack a country that has not shown hostility towards us? We would be declaring war on an ally, Not just of ours but of our other allies. We would reduce ourselves to being bullies on the world stage.
    I'm not saying that their government is a good one or that something shouldn't be done. Thing is, It's not our place to regulate the laws, Policies, Or leadership of other countries. If we invaded every country that we believe has corrupt people in power, We would be at war with most of the world.
    What we can do is show support for the people of Venezuela. Give them what they need to take control of their country themselves. We can also use our own research to expose those in their government of their corruption and abuse. Other things we could do involve ties between them and other parts of the world.

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