• We should invest in geothermal energy

    We are living in a world rapidly running out of resources. Surely we should welcome any new form of energy?? Geothermal energy is clean and uses up no resources, like burning fossil fuels and should be utilised wherever possible. Of course, it wouldn't be available anywhere, but having cleaner energy in at least one place benefits us all!

  • Yea sure but it won't solve all our problems

    Geothermal energy is a useful alternative source of energy. It has the capacity to be very useful in the search for a renewable resource. However, the problem with this source of energy is that it can't be used in all areas because facilities for geothermal energy needs large amounts of land. Other than that it can be very useful.

  • Should we invest in geothermal energy.

    Yes, we should invest in Geothermal Energy. Not because Fossil fuels are running out, but because it would not only be better for productivity and job creation, but another power source in vital in the face that fossil fuels have a catastrophic failure and are all of a sudden rapidly depleting. Geothermal is better for the environment, but that isn't the main focus. Investing in Geothermal energy won't have a dramatic effect upon the environment, and it will actually create jobs instead of create a net loss.

  • Geothermal for the win.

    "Geothermal power is reliable power: Here the main argument of utility-scale geothermal power production adding reliability to the power systems as it provides a base-load power source, with a scalability from small to large sizes. Geothermal power creates jobs and spurs economic growth: The document provides a great overview on the various jobs involved in geothermal power development, so while in general geothermal might not be the humongous job numbers as other industries, but it creates a nice set of jobs and economic development around the plants." -http://thinkgeoenergy.Com/archives/9839

  • Support alternatives now

    It is a good alternative as big power can be obtained and a lot of enviromental harming prevented, but you shuold consider the location and installation of plants. If we build a good strategy to produe this type of energy we could save a lot of money and resources from these earth,

  • Yes we should.

    We should be investing in geothermal energy. We as a country and as a world need to find a way to be less dependent on fossil fuels. Any way that we are able to start using different sources of energy, will help the economy and help reduce the effects of global warming.

  • Are Ground Source Heat Pumps (AKA Geothermal Systems) A Good Choice?

    The problem with geothermal energy is that we can’t get to it. The deepest oil wells go down from 5-7 miles. To get to magma, you need to drill down to 20 miles or more.

    The Russians had a super-bore project that took 20 years to drill 7 miles, that was eventually stopped due to the excessive heat. It's estimated to be only 1/3 the way into the mantle, which is 22 miles down in that area (Baltic continental crust). The temperature reached 356 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature was expected to reach 570 F at about 9 miles, at which temperature a drill bit will no longer work; the project was abandoned.

    We can’t drill down to the earth’s mantle and use that energy. What is left? What is left are GSHP – Geothermal Heat Pumps. It is very hard to find facts on GSHPs; and, you won’t get the truth from the contractors and vendor that sell them.

    “Geothermal heat pumps are expensive and not reliable; and, your home needs to be on a one-quarter to three-quarter acre, most homes are not on that big of a lot. They say then you need a vertical pump, but you have to drill down 150 to 450 feet, and you must not interfere with any utility companies.” You still need a bigger lot than most homes are on, especially in the big cities.

    And, you still need electricity to run the heat pumps and you need an electric heater to heat the air in the winter, because the temperature of the earth is from 55 to 65degrees Fahrenheit.

    “Are Ground Source Heat Pumps (AKA Geothermal Systems) A Good Choice?”
    They are rarely as efficient as promised; they advertise a Coefficient of Performance of 3.5 times that of straight resistance electric heating, but turn out to be around 2.5.
    “Alex also notes that the GSHPs run on electricity, which for much of America comes from coal. If you care about your carbon footprint, it is actually worse than running on natural gas.

    1. Burn natural gas at 92% efficiency = 1.09 MMBtu of fuel which makes 130 lb CO2.
    2. Burn #2 fuel oil at 83% efficiency = 1.2 MMBtu and 175 lb CO2
    3. Run a ground-source heat pump and purchase 0.33 MMBtu of electricity which has made 140 lb CO2.”

    “But ultimately, Alex's objection is the same as mine: they are really expensive and there are better places to spend your money.”

    “The reason I'm not a huge proponent of GSHPs is that they're really expensive. Most of the expense is due to the cost of digging trenches and laying tubing....It is not unusual to hear about GSHPs in Vermont costing as much as $35,000 for typical homes. For the same investment, one could spend $30,000 reducing heating loads (insulating, air sealing, replacing windows, etc.) and install a state-of-the-art mini-split heat pump.”

    Most people cannot afford GSHPs and you still have to use electricity to run them.

  • Electricity is our concern, but our mother nature is highly needed a tender care from human kind..

    Establishing geothermal energy are very harmful activities to our mother nature and other living things. First, they conduct an exploration, widening, cutting of trees, deep excavation, disposal of waste materials... We are need electricity but we suffer most as an effect of that. There are many power source choices, why not wind, water, or even solar? Geothermal energy was better for current generation but how is the next generation that maybe suffer for this long time effects. Come on, we are doing our part as a solution, not to save our selves but nor to make it extreme.. Go to green revolution! Your benefits gain from mindless efforts can affect our diversity..

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