• Absolutely, the military protects us.

    Do I think that the United States should be in every country and messing with their business? Short answer: No. However, the United States needs to have the military power in order to strike anywhere in the world at any time. The military also produces a lot of technology that we take for granted everyday. The military provides jobs, education, and protects our borders. With the sinking economy these days the military is necessary to create more jobs. Many other programs and departments needs to be cut before the military.

  • Without our military we would be nothing

    ” Let me start out by granting the obvious. Though a few of my most left-leaning friends think we could do entirely without any sort of military, there has never been and will never be a vast and populous nation like ours without armed services. But even if we take it as a given that any nation, especially a nation that wants to be a significant player on the world stage, is going to have a military of some sort, that still leaves lots of questions open. Here are just a few of them. Exactly what sort of military should we have -- a compact military, adequate for homeland defense and little else or a large and robust force, capable of projecting power around the globe? Who should serve in the military? Should all able-bodied citizens be compelled to serve? Or should the burdens of service be left to volunteers? To whom should the military be accountable, and how, exactly, can it be held to account? And do we civilians owe our military leaders a high degree of deference?

  • That's absolutely insane.

    We spend more on our military than any other nation in the world. People complain about federal spending on welfare, the environment, and medical care, but the department of defense is a hugely funded department. Billions and billions of dollars are poured into unnecessary military campaigns, and we turn a blind eye when genocide occurs. We need to actually be diverting money from the Department of Defense, and put it towards education, welfare, medical care, etc.

  • Absolutely not !

    We already invest way too much! Why do we even need such a big army? The only reason we need it is because we keep meddling in other countries' affairs. None of the conflicts we've gotten into since WW2 had anything to do with us at first. We should stop needlessly getting into wars so we can use military money for other things like education or helping the less fortunate.

  • I do not believe we should invest more into our military.

    Our nation is falling into some deep debt, and obviously spending more money doesn't make a positive in Uncle Sam's checkbook. Besides we spend hundreds of millions dollars for ultra-expensive equipment that hardly sees action, and when it does, there may have been alternatives that would have saved us great amounts of money without developing a serious risk of failure. Not only that, our country goes out droning extremists, in many countries your average citizen would have no prior knowledge of any events there, if they could even remember where on the map its located, due to their lack of interest in the affairs of the world. I believe that reducing the military budget even by 5-10% could create a very significant difference in our country's education systems, looking at that California has had pay cut after pay cut, radically lowering the quality of our once prized schooling system. I think should this happen, a stronger wave of college bound students will create more home based income for the nation as a whole, and that although keeping me safe is fine, I don't believe shooting down people in some far distant land can be justified for the sake of keeping me happy in my ignorance.

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