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  • People can change

    I think no, Because even if they do say something racist, Maybe they can lean from their mistake. Now, If they hurt someone for racist reasons, Then they should be arrested. But, If they get heat on social media or something, Then might feel bad and never do anything like that again. Some people change, And some people don't.

  • Accidents Happen Sometimes!

    Not like I’m for racism, But sometimes someone says something racist/sexist/offensive when they didn’t mean to. Innocent people should not be locked up because of a mistake. What if you made a mistake and accidentally fell out of your chair, Knocking over school supplies and disrupting the class. You shouldn’t go to detention just because of an accident. Apologizing and cleaning up the mess is the right thing to do.

  • That goes against freedom of speech

    There is a difference between verbal racism and physical racism. If you are beating someone up because of their skin color, You can get assault charges, However, If we were to jail someone for saying something racist, That goes against freedom of speech, One of the great rights we as people have. (this doesn't apply if they are racist threats, Like actually threatening harm or death, That classifies as threatening, But if its saying racist slurs or just making fun of someone or just verbal racist bullying, That's not illegal, And I don't think it should be)

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