• Yes, decriminalize it

    Yes, it should be decriminalized, along the New Zealand model, not the German/Dutch model. It's been shown to be the most effective way to protect sex workers. Decriminalizing sex work has also not been shown to increase traficking.

    All of the arguments put forward by anti-prostitution activists (inflated trafficking statistics for instance) have been debunked. They are deliberate misrepresentations and inflations.

  • I think that we should just decriminalize prostitution.

    I think that we should just decriminalize prostitution. It’s ridiculous that this is even a crime in
    this day and age. Our priorities as a
    country are so messed up. We have people
    starving and sleeping under bridges. The
    teenage pregnancy and dropout rates are sky high. Drugs are everywhere. The government is confused.

  • Yes, Or Legalize

    I believe the laws we have against prostitution are counter intuitive. I believe they are laws that punish people for making life decisions. There are women who use prostitution as a source of income. If they can morally justify that decision for themselves, then others should not judge her. So it would be better to either legalize it or at minimum, decriminalize.

  • Yes, prostitution should be legal.

    It is one of the oldest professions, not because women want to do this but because sometimes they feel it is the only way to be able to live. Until we get rid of society's inequalities it is going to exist. And if it is a matter of choice on both sides, then it should be made legal and safe for all.

  • Prostitution Should Be Decriminalized

    Yes, prostitution should be decriminalized. There is little reason to punish someone for a victimless crime, especially in the case that both parties are consenting. Two adults should be able to choose what actions are and are not harmful to them, as well as what actions they wish to participate in.

  • Creates New Black Market, Spreads STDs

    Legalizing prostitution spreads STDs, demeans even more women with no self-esteem and creates an entirely new black market. America doesn't need a nationwide sex trade because teen girls don't need these examples of viable jobs for future endeavors. Legalizing prostitution increases the population when more young women get pregnant. This is not a good plan with so many young girls looking for love in all the wrong places.

  • No, society wants morality.

    No, we should not just decriminalize prostitution, because society still wants standards. Society can decide what kind of behaviors is acceptable. Victimizing young women who are in a terrible situation is unacceptable. It is also funny to gawk at the Johns who get caught, especially if they are famous politicians.

  • We should not just decriminalize prostitution.

    We should not just decriminalize prostitution. I think that prostitution is just wrong and if we legalize it then the amount of people that are doing it would just increase. The amount of diseases would then increase and I just do not think that there would be any benefit to legalizing prostitution.

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Quan says2013-12-30T18:25:31.460
Of course it should. But like everything else that should be decriminalized, it won't happen until we have a lengthy debate that has nothing to do with the behaviour itself, but rather how we intend to replace the government revenue that would be lost. Because simply cutting back on government spending is never an option.