Should we just impeach trump so we can get rid of capitalism and solve climate change and homelessness in America?

  • Impeach this racist prick already!

    I don’t know why we haven’t impeached him already he’s already done tons of illegal things and spewed our tons of racism and wants those evil rich people like him to pollute the earth and have homeless people suffer not to mention allow rich people to sell guns to weirdos so they can kill the poor people while rich people are all nice and well fed and protected by 1000 men they can easily bribe with small fries!

  • Be quiet humans

    We already impeached the president in early 2020 and the Senate overruled the request. Do you really think we can be successful a 2nd time. Don't be a Johnny Nimbus and just vote him out in November if it's the last thing you ever do in this known universe. .

  • Capitalism is the most successful and humane governmental system ever devised.

    Impeaching our President? For what? Doing what we elected him to do and keeping his promises? Impeaching him would not solve climate change or eliminate homelessness. President Trump has accomplished more in 47 months than Biden in 47 years. His list of accomplishments are legendary. Anyone can google them and read them. I challenge anyone who thinks otherwise. Here's a few for starters:

    https://www. Worldhistoryedu. Com/donald-trump-achievement/

    http://townhallreview. Com/2020/08/hewitt-an-impressive-record-of-accomplishments/

    If you've learned anything about civics, World history of governments, There has never been a more successful country than our own. Only in America do you have equal opportunity to create and idea, Nurture it and become successful. Anyone through discipliin, Hard work, And a little bit of intelligence can make it in their own lifetime. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or the black businessman, Who owns 10 Chick-fil-a franchises in my home town can make it. As for global warming, Scientists are not all in agreement. 30 years ago they were afraid of gobal cooling, Then global warming, And now climate change. The USA has done more to improve our climate, Water, Air and environment than any other developed country. China is the #1 polluter. Hmmm, Maybe we should stop buying Iphones and Nike shoes that are made there. We need to be good stewards fo the world we have, But every nation needs to do their part. . . And in the case of CA, Bad forest management and arsonists are the cause of more fires than climate change. As for homelessness, More disadvantaged people of color have jobs under Trump than ever before. Were are are the homeless tent cities and feces on the streets. Clue: They aren't Republican run cities. San Francisco is one of the more shocking examples.

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