• Yes yes 👍

    Yes i is aids in the back room yet i don't and the sidemen and i are coming to the house for church tomorrow morning for church and then we will go out and see you and the kids for a while so we will have to wait till tomorrow night to go get some food for dinner so we will be out of

  • Yes Yes Please

    Let's get this Joker guy to murder Jamal with some jokes. I would love to see Jamal die of laughter. It is exactly what he deserves so do me a favor joker and kick Jamal's butt out of here before I kick you out! Make your time here worthwhile okay?

  • Uhh yeah yeah

    Jamal is a big fat loser who still lives in his mommy’s basement and impersonates as his mom. (I mean let’s be honest he plays his own mom and pretends to be a nazi to piss everyone off. But I say we keep bashing on this fatso with a microp*nis

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