• don't forget the constitution

    I agreee with everything you said but don’t forget it’s also in the constitution for any child born here is an automatic citizen. There are many other reasons of course like how literally our entire country has immigrants which makes our country diverse and different than any other one ddd.

  • Absolutely yes yes yes

    Because who wants to rip families apart? ! ? ! ? ! ? Thats just mean and very very very very bad bad bad bad bad bad bad so yeah we should keep it forever and ever and ever and ever. Honestly whoever wants to get rid of it should just die because they have no soul. Thank you.

  • Youness marrouf idea

    In the past any child born in the United States are automatically granted a U.S. citizen, regardless if the parents are in the country temporarily or illegally. But in recent years, this long lasting privilege of birthright has been questioned and became one of the major debates over immigration and citizenship. Many Americans believe that The United States should continue to give citizenship as a right of birth because it would create a split within the newly migrated families, hurts diversity and may need an amendment to the constitution. On the other hand, there are some Americans who oppose birthright citizenship because they see it as undeserved or assume it encourages women to enter the country illegally to give birth.

    Ending birthright citizenship would “severely harm families by creating splits within newly immigrated families, placing unfair burdens on new immigrants, and disabling the American dream.”(In Defense of Birthright Citizenship). Recently, approximately 2 million families face the risk of being split up because the children are U.S.-born citizens but the parents are illegal immigrants. Separating the undocumented parents from their U.S. babies would increase the the number of illegal individuals who will try to join their children. Deporting the parents to their homelands would create pressure, stress and a lifelong trauma to the immigrant families.

    Eliminating birthright citizenship would discourage immigration, which brings diversity to the country and decrease cultural diversity. Disposing birthright citizenship would decrease the incentive to come and bring spouses and other family members with them and limit the number of immigrants entering the country. Having individuals from different backgrounds have always been an essential part of our nation’s throughout its history, and will be the key to our economic future in diverse states. Denying rightful and legally protected citizenship to children born in this country would minimize economic growth at a time when we can least afford it.

    Based on all the above stated reasons I think the United States should continue to give citizenship as a right of birth. But what what do you think, should the United States continue to give citizenship as a right of birth and join the majority of developed countries in requiring that at least one parent be a citizen?

    Based on all the above stated reasons I think the United States should continue to give citizenship as a right of birth. But what what do you think, should the United States continue to give citizenship as a right of birth and join the majority of developed countries in requiring that at least one parent be a citizen?

  • We should keep birthright citizenship in the US.

    We should keep birthright citizenship in the US. If a person is born here they should have every right to citizenship, even if their parents are in this country illegally. The focus should be preventing illegal immigration, not punishing innocent babies who are born on U.S. soil by taking away their ability to be a U.S. citizen.

  • Yes, it's only fair.

    Yes, I think we should keep birthright citizenship in the US. It's only fair that a child born in this country be considered a citizen of this country, and be eligible for all rights accorded to a US citizen. It would be morally wrong to expel a child born in the US.

  • It's only fair

    Regardless of the parent's citizenship status at the time of a child's birth, if the child is born in what is considered U.S. territory,that child should be a U.S. citizen. While the legal evolution of requirements for citizenship still continues, the prevailing sentiment has always taken the child's point of view. Which,given the world we live in and the prejudice exhibited towards outsiders, is amazing.

  • It's abusing the constitution

    The 14th amendment was originally written for the children of freed slaves to be citizens and have the same liberties as such. The 14th amendments first clause is called the citizens clause, Which defines American citizenship, This was written by a senator Jacob Howard who helped write the 13th amendment which abolished slavery. He stated in public after writing this, That "This will not, Of course, Include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, Aliens, Who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States" which was later reaffirmed to say "[A foreigner in the United States] has a right to the protection of the laws; but he is not a citizen in the ordinary acceptance of the word". Now, This amendment in the very last sentence states that "The Congress shall have power to enforce, By appropriate legislation, The provisions of this article. ” meaning that laws can be made to slightly alter, Enforce, Or amend the amendment, Meaning that denying birthright citizenship to children of parents who aren't citizens would be perfectly allowed and is even stated in the amendment itself that it is allowed. And as a matter of fact there are hotels in Arizona and New Mexico that have "packages" in which undocumented pregnant women can pay to stay and to have children in the US so they can later become citizens themselves. This is just unfair and taking advantage of the 14th amendments original good intentions. That is why I think we should end birthright citizenship, At least solely for children of non citizens.

  • Too many issues and way too easy to abuse

    First, It does not split families apart. It does the precise opposite. The parents and the children have the same citizenship so they can be deported together. There are laws in place to regulate immigration that everyone has to follow. You can't just ignore the laws and abuse your child as an excuse to stay in the US despite having broken the law by illegaly entering it. If birthright citizenship never existed, All the issues with families facing separation would never exist since the parents and the children would have never had different citizenships. There is no reason to continue this madness. Either you come to the US legally, Like everyone else does, Or not at all.

  • Thats not fair

    Illegal immigrants can come over here and have their baby, I feel that is cheating the system. If they want to come over so bad apply and take the tests. If the parents are here legally than fine but if the parents are illegal the whole family should be deported.

  • No, we shouldn't keep birthright citizenship.

    I do not believe that the United States of America should keep birthright citizenship. I think that it is an outdated law that doesn't really benefit the United States much in any way. I think that if two illegal aliens were to have a kid in the United States, that kid should still be considered illegal.

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