• Yes we should

    It is so sad to see the true meaning of Christmas disappearing because it is not politically correct. We don't tell Muslims they can't celebrate the true meaning of Ramadan so how is it fair that just because Christian holidays are so awesome that other people who are not Christians take them on and then we can't mention the real meaning so they don't get offended.

  • Let it Stay

    Ugh it would be horrible to see it leave da true meaning of Christmas Santa is like the 3 kings giving a gift the tree is like a cross the presents are like gifts from the 3 kings we should keep it you shouldn't tell dude you shouldn't celebrate it like Muslims or other religions celebrating ugh keep it you must without it the holiday would ether be nonexistent or name would me mas like merry mas seriously that's weird

  • It's called CHRISTmas

    CHRISTmas kinda has to do with CHRIST. If christians cant say merry christmas anymore why have any talk about any holidays. In fact while your at it forcing entire populations to give up their holidays why not just abolish holidays across the planet eh. No christmas, no holidays. Its as simple as that.

  • The whole point of CHRISTmas is because CHRIST was born not for presents or anything else.

    He was born of a virgin in Bethlehem. No he did not ask us to celebrate his birthday but he is our Lord my Lord, savior, messiah so why wouldn't we celebrate his birthday??? Nobody knows when his bday was so we celebrate it on December 25th. We celebrate his birth because we LOVE him and he LOVES us!

  • Christ Only Reason For Christmas

    I believe it is foolish to ask if Christ should be kept in Christmas. The only reason Christmas really exists, by name, is because of Jesus Christ. Christmas is part of Christianity and a religious holiday and celebration. If you take the core of the holiday and remove it, you can't really call it Christmas anymore.

  • Yes. Without the birth of Christ there in no Christmas

    About 31% Americans think that Merry Christmas should be changed to Happy Holidays. 64% say that Merry Christmas should stay. I am part of the 64% that says Merry Christmas should stay. I believe that it should stay because the most Christians don’t say that the Jewish holiday Hanukkah have to say Happy Holiday instead Happy Hanukkah. We don’t make the Buddhists say Happy Holiday instead of Happy Vesakha on the celebration of their higher power’s day of birth. Also we don’t require the Muslims to say happy holidays on Mawlid al-Nabi which is the celebration of the birth of their Prophet Muhammad.

  • Only if you want to

    A lot of people don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday so much as one about family and giving. If you see it as a celebration of Jesus' birth, then feel free to celebrate it as such. Christmas isn't just about Jesus anymore, it has broadened to a wider group, not necessarily just Christians.

  • Jesus was never in it.

    It is clear from scripture that Jesus was not born (in this case incarnated) during winter. Jesus did not ask His disciples to do an annual commemoration of His incarnation, If He did, we would know exactly when and how to do it. There are no scriptural examples of righteous people celebrating their birthdays. At best, Christmas is strange fire before the Lord.

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