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  • Heck no Fortnites trash

    Fortnite is a disgrace to the gaming community. I admit I did enjoy season 1-5 but after that, It gets worse and worse until it hurts my brain to think about it. It is also destroying the mental health of 12 years olds with the fortnite dances. Minecraft would be a way better option

  • Fortnite is cancer

    Fortnite is a game played by cancerous noobs that can't play real games. Minecraft is so much better. Fortnite is trash and it will die quickly just like fidget spinners. That game should not exist at all and all their servers should be replaced with Minecraft servers. Minecraft is better, Go play Minecraft.

  • A dangerous game.

    This is a very dangerous game. It's related to devil worship - very anti-Christ! Someone I know refused to stop playing it as if they were possessed :o The developers clearly are lackeys of Satan, Which is illegal in almost every country. The only moral thing to do here is to ban it entirely, With strict regulation. Don't let games like this fool you! Its how the devil works his way into our lives.

  • Nope Nope and Nope

    Just ditch it for minecraft it's a far better game. I was a person that played this game a lot then I realized there are a lot of better games out there and that are not so repetitive as this one. For example minecraft, It has so many things you can do!

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