• Yes becus there like family

    Yyyeeesss becus we love them they are your bbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeesssssstttttttttfrinds they are so amazig alot of pets are homless please dont leave your pets in the streets pease they are a living things please they are adorable i feel bad when i see homless pets on the street please be kind

  • We should keep pets

    Personally I do not own a pet but I imagine having a pet is such an amazing experience. You are taking your time to look after an animal which will grow up learning from you and treat you with so much love. Pets have also proven to help people through depressing situations and make their lives better, so getting a pet can be very beneficial.

  • Yes, yes and yes

    Some people say that pets are bad because you take the animal out of the wild and they should be free. This is not the case at all. When buying/adopting a pet, it is best to buy them from a breeder, so that way you know they are coming from good backgrounds and not taken from the wild. Pets are beneficial in many ways as well. There are many dogs out there that help out as therapy dogs and seeing eye dogs, also some sniff out bombs and lost people to save lives. Some people will also say they are a waste of money. You are wrong. If you think that, then don't have a pet. People who keep animals as pets know the requirements to care for them and know are willing to pay the cost to keep them. I myself love animals and love my little bunny. Just like the cute little bunny's in the picture.

  • Pets can be your best friends

    Yes. Why not? They too are living beings. They can talk, they can understand, they can be the best companions. . Just that they do not feel a need of using words for the same. Their sign language is sufficient to make you feel special when they are around. They can be a little messy at times, but they are equally adorable at the same time.

  • Pets can be your best friends

    Yes. Why not? They are living beings, they can understand, they can talk, they can be your best companions. . Just that they do not feel a need of using words for the same. Their sign language is enough to make anybody around them special! They would never fight with you. They are a little messy at times, but super adorable at the same time. :)

  • Depends on the animal and the owner

    From all the comments I have seen from the other voters, its all about the owners needs, wants, and problems. Are they even considering the animals? When you make the decesion of getting an animal, you have to factor in their needs as well as yours, but not one or the other. Both. Wild or exotic animals DO NOT belong in a family enviroment. They don't have the room to take care of it or meet its needs.

    Posted by: fru
  • We are obliged to & why not.

    As alot of animals have now been bred exclusively as pets favouring mild temperaments, excessively long fur, breathing issues, taken a long way from their natural environment etc we are obligated to provide homes for them or stop breeding them.
    They could not survive in the wild due to these traits we have favoured.
    Since we have bred them to fit in well with our domesticated lives then why not enjoy their companionship.

  • I think that yes AND no.

    I think that pets are great to have in my own opinion. They keep you busy when you are bored. You have someone to care for. It's like experiencing how to nurture a child. It keeps you warm in the winter when you are cold and gets rid of stress, anxiety and loneliness. Lots of people often get scared of animals but this sort of opportunity will make that fear go away. As I said already, there are some reasons why animals should not be allowed to be kept as pets.

    * Might have Rabies.
    * Can cause Health Problems.
    * Money Loss.
    * Could escape which makes you feel really sad and that is how you get health problems (getting emotional)
    * Addiction
    * If you are a child, it distracts learning.
    * Will eventually die.

    I think that pets are GREAT to keep as pets. Pets have nearly everything you need in life. :)

  • I think NO...

    These animals carry around germs with them and those germs spread and soon YOU will end up getting them. Look at a cat for instance. All it does is wake up, go outside and not come back until the evening and goes back to sleep. Well, maybe that's a stereotype but most cats do that and it's a waste of money.
    You have to waste money on them for their food, bed and entertainment. It doesn't entertain you that much. You want to experience how it is like to get a pet until you get bored of it. Someday soon, you will forget about feeding your pet and it might die which causes stress and loneliness. You shouldn't let these small things make you feel in such way.
    I'm not saying that people shouldn't have pets, all I am saying is that they are a waste of time and money. This may sound harsh but it is all too true. Sorry to those pet lovers.

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Kreakin says2013-12-26T16:31:55.467
At the start of WW2 in the UK dog owners were instructed to have their animals destroyed due to looming rationing, in hindsight it appears this was more to do with stopping a black market in dog meat - just a random related fact.