• Yes, I agree, because Sony was working well

    Yes, I think that you should keep Sony on the market. However, Sony had really bad inventions in his past work. Some of them was really so bad and unacceptable, but a good part of them wasn't. That's not, in my opinion, a reason to stop working with Sony. I will always recommend Sony's products as one of best products in market, because of their great quality, usability, support and so on.

  • Keeping Sony Relevant

    Sony should still be on the market because of its past inventions and because Sony was a trailblazer in the electronics industry for many previous years. Sony still has some more inventions up its sleeve and they should not be written off so easily. With all of the other companies coming to the forefront with their gadgets it would only make Sony want to work even harder to make Sony stick around longer.

  • No it should be kept if it is doing well

    Sony is like any other business always looking to give their customers new & exciting technologies and better offers than their competitors. It shouldn't be kept on the market just by their past inventions. It should be kept if they have a long and standing customer base & a great customer service record.

  • Just because of past accomplishments doesn't mean a company should be left on the market.

    Yes, Sony has developed many great inventions in the past, but that doesn't mean we should leave them on the market if they are not performing now. The past doesn't allow a free ride in the present. To stay on the market, Sony needs to make new and better items.

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