• Yes for certain things

    When it comes to the forces of the United States of America we should keep our forces in other nations when it comes to certain things. These things could help both us our national security interest and help with the protection of us along with our allies. This is a much needed protection.

  • If we don't who knows who will.

    Already the effects of us pulling out is showing. Look what is happening in Iraq. If we leave a power vacuum, Russia or China will fill it. And unlike us, they don't care about civilians, they don't help the countries they go into, they just want world domination. We are not like that. Without the United States, the world would be much worse.

  • Department of Defense, Not Offense

    Today, the United States military has quick-strike capabilities from American soil. That technology that allows strikes to any point on the planet obviates the need for bases on foreign soil. Our armed forces should be recalled and bases closed. Let's bring our service men and women home to serve in the Department of Defense, not the Department of the World's 9-1-1 Service. Troops should train and live in America so they can be ready to help out domestically rather than act as a deterrent to war around the world. Our planes and ships can carry forces to hot zones very quickly, which means we don't need land bases to house troops and hardware.

  • UN isn't that kind to poor countries.

    A few years a go, UN came to Haiti and dumped chemicals and junk into Haiti's irrigation system. This one thing started a whole cholera epidemic and millions died. Why should countries need to suffer diseases when they are innocent and do not have enough money to buy medication. Countries also still disagree without the UN and with the UN. Why do we need UN then. UN doesn't create peace.

  • No, we should not.

    There is probably very little reason for the United States to keep forces in other countries. After all, we would not allow foreign forces to be stationed in our own country so this is very arrogant and patriarchal. We should all have diplomatic centers in each other's nations and that is about all so that we can communicate with each other.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I do not believe US forces should be in other nations. I think these bases are a huge waste of money that are left overs from prior wars. I think we should shut down these various bases to conserve money and further pull back our army. We need to reduce spending.

  • For What Reason?

    There is no reason for the US to keep its forces in other nations in the numbers that it does. The overused rhetoric that our soldiers are defending the freedom of Americans by being stationed so heavily abroad is just that - overused rhetoric. The only thing that they are defending are the interests of a national absorbed with retaining its place as a superpower, a mindset which should have died along with the Cold War but sadly didn't. If we really want to protect our freedom, we should stop intervening in every conflict across the globe and instead focus on the military's original purpose, which was to provide for an adequate defense here at home.

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