• Yes it would be a good idea to do so

    Not only are muslim awful but they are also extremely inhumane and cruel.

    I just recently watch CNN yesterday, And it really broke my heart. Brunei has impose death penalty on gay sex and adultery.

    It just sad that women and lgbt people are constantly being oppressed and their human right are being denied because of the archaic sharia law.

    LIKE naronglatchr said is correct. All Muslim should be completely wipe out. The world would be much better place to lives without those people.

  • Yes absolutely we should

    I am so proud that the Trump administration has impose a travel ban for several muslim countries. Some people argue its racist and prejudice what Trump did, But in my opinion its the right thing to do so.

    Muslims are a serious threat to many countries and by accepting them in your country, You only put yourself in a great danger.

    Think about the 9/11 attack, Who is the perpetrator behind the attack, Isn't it muslim people?

    Also besides of several terrorist attack that they have perpetrated, They are also inherently anti american, Fascist anti democratic people.

    In my opinion these radical people don't deserve to have a right to live so at best they should be completely wipe out.

  • Yes the USA should fully authorized nuclear weapon against muslim countries

    Anyone who see this debate, Please vote yes. You, Guys must not forget that muslim people are a real threat to the world. THINK ABOUT TERRORISM ( ISIS, AL QAIDA), VIOLENCE, WARS, DISCRIMINATION AND PREJUDICE AGAINST MINORITIES(WOMEN, LGBT, CHRISTIAN, . . . . ETC).

    I truly believe that USA should fully authorized nuclear weapon against muslim countries especially saudi arabia and Iran which are inherently anti american and anti democracy.

    They should built a nuclear weapon that is strong enough to kill the entire population in that country.

    If muslims would go to extinction then the world would be free from intolerance, Discrimination, Hatred and violence and the world would also be peaceful with no wars and violence and we will all live a very happy life.


  • Muslims are evil with their circumcision, Religion and behavior in general

    This is of course not to say that only muslims are bad. Plenty of people are bad. Muslims just seem to be bad as well. So yeah, There is that.
    Threatening me that I will burn in hell, Circumcising me, Teaching me lies? Enough is enough. Kill them all, And make it painless.

  • We are not terrorists!

    I'm getting sadder when Christians thinks Muslims are terrorists. Our religion doesn't allows war with no reason and harm people. Terrorists are hypocrites and making people anti Muslim. And the real threat is not Muslims the threat is big truth about terrorists. And if terrorists are Muslims they not attack to my country (I'm from Turkey). I'm Muslim and I love feeding animals, Giving money to homeless people, Plant some trees and putting trash on the ground to bin. My opinion is People must not kill each other, And make better World!

    Please say no for humanity!

  • Not all bad.

    To be honest, I don't personally know any Muslims. I don't know much about the Islamic faith aside from it being one of the Abrahamic religions along with Judaism and Christianity. What I also know is that, With recent exceptions, There have lived in this country peacefully since the late 19th century and it's only a small faction of Muslims who have become radicalized. This means the real issue is not their faith but the overly radical views/actions of some of it's followers. Should all die because of the words and actions of the few? No. A better solution would be to find and eliminate these radicals and hold them accountable for their words and actions in the courts or just send them to Gitmo. To do this, It would be helpful to have the normal Muslims on our side as I am sure they too wish to end this stain on their faith. If we decide to kill all the Muslims instead, Once we target more than just the radicals we would actually cause many/most normal Muslims to believe everyone is just as evil as the radicals claim we are and turn them toward becoming radical too. In 2018, There were approximately 3. 45 million Muslims living in the United States, With 2. 05 million adults, And the rest being children. So far we have had a few actions by a fraction of them so imagine what we would face if the vast majority became radicalized.

  • I agree with that islam should be banned but not all muslim people should be condemn to die

    If you guys are arguing that Islam is bad but in reality its in fact little to no different than christianity and judaism. Historically, Christianity and judaism had impose very similar law to sharia law including gay and adulterer are being punishable by death, Women right are being restricted, Blashphemy and witchcraft being punishable by death.

    Think about the spanish inquisitor where they stoned gay people to death just like the muslims clerics do it nowadays.

    But nowadays christian and jewish do not have authority perform such action anymore simply because in their countries there are an separation between church and the state whereas in muslim countries still don't have.

    Theoretically, Islam, Christianity, And judaism are all the same in its core teachings.

    Muslims, Themselves are not all bad because not all muslim want to agree or adhere to their religion but they are being forced to adhere to their religion. Muslims do not have choice otherwise if there are some who willing to convert to atheist then they should face serious legal consequences such as imprisonment or execution.

    The best way to make the world more peaceful to live, Is to ban all religion and to impose a restriction if there are anyone who practice religion should be prosecuted.

  • No. . . . . . .

    We should only kill about 24. 5% of them. We should only kill about 24. 5% of them. We should only kill about 24. 5% of them. We should only kill about 24. 5% of them. We should only kill about 24. 5% of them. We should only kill about 24. 5% of them. We should only kill about 24. 5% of them.

  • All. Muslims. Are. Not. Terrorists.

    Most of the people who voted pro listed terrorism and fear as their reasons for wiping out an entire section of the population based on religion. The truth is, The majority of Muslims are good people. The media ha

    s biased coverage. Acts of terrorism done by Muslim people get more popularity because they fit with the stereotype that society has given.

    Wiping out Muslims would be against the charter, As the freedom of religion and independent thought is a fundamental freedom. We cannot allow for this stigma surrounding certain people.

    Just because someone is in a certain religion does not mean they are extremists. The vast majority are just living their lives, Not attacking the world as ISIS would lead you to believe. Please check your facts before voting yes.

  • What does this even mean? !

    What I see of most the pro people saying is that the Muslims did 9/11. . . WHAT? ! You're holding an entire people accountable for what only a few did. . . I'm at a loss for words with why people are so cruel. People are insane. You can't just use the fact that there was one attack that might have been from a few people to cover up the fact that you're afraid of change. . . They're people too. Obviously. All of you who say yes. . . I just want you to stop and think about what you're saying for a second. Genocide. Murder of innocent people. All so you can keep your fat, White butt on a couch and watch television. You disgust me.

  • Not all Muslims are bad.

    Sure, Muslims should be banned from the U. S. Sure some Muslims are terrible people and should be brutally killed. But all Muslims? Not all of them are bad. The nicest person on earth could be born Muslim because we as humans have no control over what we are birthed as. Killing someone just because of something they didn't decide is wrong.

  • Muslims aren't responsible for 9/11!

    The people who are responsible for 9/11 and other terrorist attacks only claim to be Muslim. If you took the time to learn about Islam, You would realize that Islamic beliefs and values are the complete opposite of what those terrorists are doing. They donate 2. 5% of their savings to the poor and for the whole month of Ramadan, They give up so much food to respect poor people who can't afford to have so much food. They spend all that time just to see what it is like to live without much. Also, Don't you realize that it wasn't only white male Christians who were killed on 9/11? Many Muslims were killed as well. So, Maybe think next time before you post such a blatant racist lie.

  • Yall are dumb!

    Everyone who said no is probably white and doesnt know shit. Im a muslim but im from Burma so im basically asain yea you fucking heard that a chinky eyed Allah lover. I apologize for my grammer im just trying to make this fast. Not all Muslims are terrorists just like how not all cops are corrupt and kill black people. Its fine to support Trump but wanting to kill an entire race just for the actions of few? You whites are basically like Hitler. This was my first speech i hope i did well.

  • Please tell me this question was sarcasm from someone with a bad sense of humor.

    What is wrong with you people? Is this actually a question that it is necessary to pose? Where are you getting your wrong information, Ridiculous facts, And stupid assumptions? Have you even put any effort into trying to learn more about this subject?

    If you did, You might find that terrorism is a statistically insignificant cause of death in the U. S. . Last year, There were ten terror related deaths, In two separate incidents. Both perpetrators were white Christian U. S. Citizens. Last year there were also thirteen deaths from vending machines. Take that as you will.

    I'm not trying to say that terrorism isn't a problem (it actually is much more of an issue in many parts of the world), But this is a ridiculous and intentionally inciting proposal of a solution.

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