• They choose to abuse kids

    Most pedophiles choose to harm children for their own selfish pleasure and use them as objects then most of those children turn homosexual and then pedophiles if it spirals worse. Most of them aren’t good people anyway and cause more harm than good. So like The cycle gotta end somewhere.

  • Kill all pedos

    They deserve to die for sexualising the most innocent and vulnerable. They all deserve to die through torture. There are not enough laws against them and I hate them all. Children should NEVER be sexualised, And especially not by old ugly humans who smell and are ugly and old. Thanks

  • Kill the all please

    Literally no reason to keep sick f***ing worthless degenerates around stealing oxygen and creating a unsafe environment for all children for no other reason than their own disgusting fucked up sexual desires. How about we first have forced castration for anyone attracted to kids and then we start with more killing methods if that doesn’t work.

  • Pedophilia, Lolicon etc is a crime against nature and humanity

    Pedophilia and the attractiveness to children is a severe mental defect. Why? There’s countless reasons but for the most basic of them all would be that it’s only after 18-20 where people reach peak maturity and any sort of growth spurt stops. Since it’s so naturally laid out infront of everyone it should be obvious to even the dumbest of scumbags on the planet to connect the dots that maybe that’s also why the age of consent is 18 and set accordingly to the typical unobstructed growth cycle of the average person.

    If you see anyone defending child pornography and any sort of absolute vile degeneracy related to loli and pedophilia, Just know that they are as wrong as say someone trying to defend something as fucked up as cannibalism despite the countless proven and natural problems that follow.

    Please kill all pedophiles and leave the poor innocent children out of this fucked up world until they no longer are children and are more prepared.

  • Killing does not mean condemning.

    We understand that pedophiles are messed up and beyond redemption. But people often feel morally obliged to defend the final line. The preventative killing of pedophiles to protect children from them is a public good. Same as killing malaria mosquitos or trapping plague rats.

    Same with the pedophile. The pedophile is not evil. The harm caused through their actions is what we want to prevent. And so they must die. Not because it is good for them to die. But because it is bad for them to live on. The pedo should go to their execution smiling. Celebrated even by all around them. For it is a moral good the pedo is doing by wishing for death. The world has become better for their living and their contribution will be remembered for generations.

  • Absolutely. Along With Zoophiles, Furries and Others.

    Pedos, Aka MAPs are horrible people. If you disagree with me you are a terrible person and don't deserve an opinion. Kids are raped and you are defending these people? What the Actual f**k. If you say "But children are property" and "but age is just a number" well guess what? Hell is just a lava lake where you spend eternity! If you see a pedo, Report him to the police immediatly.
    (P. S: Public execution was one of the best ideas since sliced bread. )

  • Yes they should all be exterminated

    Pedophiles are a danger to society and children. They cause physical and emotional pain and suffering to children and affect their development. Children should not be sexualized at all since they are not fully grown adults and do not havr the mental or physical capacity for sex. The human brain is not fully developed until age 25. Any trauma will cause life long mental scarring and PTSD.

    I believe pedophiles who are proven to have hurt children or have consumed pedophilic media should be dowsed in oil and burned in public. It's only a preview of the eternal damnation they'll feel in hell.

    I will always choose children's safety and well being over the lives of pedophiles.

  • Pedophiles are horrible people who deserve death

    Pedophiles have proven to be vile individuals who will stop at nothing to feel powerful. What would you say if your child got raped by a pedophile? Would you say "sorry son, But pedos are people just like us"? Pedophiles are evil rapists and the only proper punishment for such a worthless life is death. They cannot be treated with all of our modern medicine. If they wanna be sick fucks, Then LET THEM FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!

  • Yes they should

    If any child you cared about got raped by a pedophile you would want to kill him, I am not okay with predators being near children because that is a slippery slope and rape can go from something like manipulating children into thinking having relations is normal and training/grooming them to like it or just straight out just abducting them and violating them, Very rarely would any pedo stop being a s*ck f*uck, Most of the sickness is deep in their bones and they take great joy from causing suffering in children and it´s not just a question of love, It´s twisted, So no, I would say kill all pedos

  • We should make it a public spectacle

    We should start by chopping off their genitalia with a dull butter knife then eviscerate their scrotal sack with a sledge hammer on an anvil. After going through phase one punishment the Pedro's should then boiled alive and left to rot after having their corpse impaled. All pedos should definitely pay the ultimate price.

  • Only if they are guilty of a crime

    While repugnant to consider, It's suspected that many paedophiles do not act on their urges. It's impossible to read minds, And thoughts alone are not illegal; therefore, They should not be punished for depraved urges unless/until they act upon them.

    That being said, If they do abuse children, The law must be punitive. I'd say, Depending on the quantity and cruelty of the material, Possession of CP should entail, At minimum, Involuntary psychiatric treatment and a prison sentence. I believe capital punishment should be employed on convicted ch ild rapi sts, Traffickers, Pornographers etc.

  • Absol utely not.

    Pedosexuals are just as human and valid as black people are. There is no reason to blindly hate pedosexuals other than to push your own biased agenda; to oppress children. Children's rights only acknowledges that they should have the right to nutriment, Having someone to have custody over them and take care of them, Et cetera, Et cetera, But children's rights does not acknowledge that children should have the right to be free from custody, Free from being tossed around like property in the foster care system, Free to have authority over themselves, Free to have personal autonomy, Free to be in control of their own lives, Through a fair, Practical process that does not require anyone's consent but their own. Children are essentially owned, And they are regularly trapped in abusive, Or otherwise morally repugnant or wrong situations, With the only alternative being tossed around in the sick foster care system, Or to have yet another owner. Many times, These aren't even options, And the abuse must continue as the child remains trapped, Not allowed to become their own person until 18, Or 16 years old in some countries. There is the possibility of emancipation, But once emancipated, The child would be discriminated against in housing, Employment, Renting, Et cetera, Et cetera, On the basis of being a minor. Children have no voice, No autonomy, And are promised nothing more than an owner that doesn't beat you to death. These are not rights.

  • Okay I don’t agree with anything sonicbro2000 said

    Look I’m not a fan of violence like. . . At all and I don’t know if they can help it or not but can we at least treat them or something? I’m not trying to defend pedophiles but what I’m saying is that maybe they’re just in a really fucked up position and what they really need is treatment so they can stop being a sick f**k and who knows maybe they’ll really contribute to something in life. We don’t want to be nazis now do we?

  • Pedophile doesn't mean molester

    Pedophiles are people with a sexual attraction to kids. It doesn't make them molesters or child porn watchers, Just like gay people aren't sodomites by virtue of being gay. Most child molesters (50-80%) and a fair share of child porn watchers aren't actually pedophiles, They're either opportunistic rapists or desensitized to adult porn. In fact, Most pedophiles are quite good with kids because they see them like adults. So as long as you make sure any precautions are in place (so nobody gets intimate), Having a pedophile mentor for your kid might not actually be a bad thing, Quite the contrary.

  • No, We should not.

    I believe that you should NOT kill pedophiles unless they are guilty on acting upon their attraction. Depending on the cruelty, They should go to jail or be put on death row.

    But I mainly believe that if you TRULY want to help the victims of pedophilles. You should prevent it from happening in the first place, In a more passive way. We should help them cope with their attraction instead of increasing suicide ratees.

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Foolboy says2021-03-15T19:06:33.753
How do you say no to this? Disclaimer: I don't care about the opinion poll. Because of this poll's name it seems like everybody on the no side will be considered a Pedophile or a troll.

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