• Population Control ?

    If we stop killing animals for food then there will be to many animals roaming around. Imagine walking in a city and you just city multiple cows walking around and causing mayhem. Eventually we will be forced to kill the animals in order to control the population. Either way we will still have to kill animals even if we change our eating habits. I understand the point of people who disagree with killing animals but I believe we should have regulations when we kill animals like putting them to sleep before we kill them that way the animal does not have to suffer.

  • Animals taste really good.

    I mean you ever been to KFC or DQ? I mean sure we have to kill a few animals, but they taste HELLA good. In the end it is worth it, because we all know that animals don't have feelings and we do so animals should we used to help us feel better.

  • Yes-for food or survival purposes

    Killing animals for food and survival purposes is ok and not classed as murder, however killing an innocent animal for no reason whatsoever is wrong and i'm against it. Ask yourself this : Would a non vegetarian survive or be healthy enough to survive without meat? I don't think so because they would be missing energy and body forms (what the meat helps the body with) to survive, it provides protein and is sustenance for many cultures.

  • Yes yes and yes

    Yes because if we do not animals will over run the earth and we could die. Also becoming a vegan can be dangerous. So we should also there are definitely awesome. So eat animals and also some kids might not like fruit or vegetables so all they'll eat is junk food and become fat.

  • Animal Kiling Isn't Murder

    Killing animals is ok if the purpose is for food or survival. It's never okay to randomly kill animals or to mistreat them, but they are intended for food and acceptable for that purpose. Animals provide necessary protein and are sustenance for many cultures. Without them, people would not have enough to eat.

  • Killing Animals is usual

    I believe that every creature in this world must have been killed , as well as the creatures that we are allowed to kill , even though there is no reason , now I am wondering, is when an animal killed if he cares about you ? , Not instead of , if we are fixated on feelings , then this world would be chaotic , ecosystem , environment would be chaotic , I also believe that other than humans killing animals , he also protect and save the animals , just imagine if in this world there are only animals , whether they are able to survive and smart enough to protect themselves from natural disaster ?

  • Yes, for survival

    In my opinion, killing animals for food or survival purposes is OK, obviously killing an innocent animal for no reason what so ever is wrong and i'm against that, but would non-vegetarians survive or be healthy enough to survive without meat? I don't think so, they provide people with alot of needs such as protein and are sustenance for many cultures.

  • Feeding off of weaker species is a part of the nature.

    Humans are the dominating on earth. In nature dominating species have always survived by eating other animals. For example sharks eat smaller fish and lions may hunt deer. We are humans and we bees to survive as well therefore it is normal for us to kill other less dominant species in order to survive. Even if we did stop killing animals animals wouldn't stop killing each other. How is that right?

  • Survival of the fittest.

    Before we left the sea we fed on fish, when we move to land we ate insects & nuts. As primates we have hunted game for millions of years. The only reason humans have made it this far in our journey is because we have killed other animals (sometimes before it killed us).

  • Leave your animal in pain?

    You had a beloved dog and suddenly it was really ill. Would you rather not kill it and let it suffer in pain until it dies, or would you put it down so it doesn't feel anything and it doesn't suffer? Would you do the right thing for your dog?

  • Animals killed for sake of maintaining Ecosystem?

    If so, why did so called The great God or Allah Created animals with the feelings of Love & pain? If he wanted them to be rudely killed for food sake, he must not have created them. Only Humans & Plants could go well. Any Genius please answer my Question.

  • They have feelings too!!!

    Animals do have feelings if you were to kick it you would hurt the animal. If we were too shot it it would bleed just like you and me so don't tell me about them not having any feelings it is so mean to go around killing animals just to satisfy your needs!!! What if that was you would you want to be killed just because you taste good???

  • Animals killed to balance ecosystem?

    One open question to the so called GOD or Allah or their Followers: If God wanted Animals to be painly Killed for Food, why was there need to Create Animals? Only Humans & Plants could go well. Why did he Give feelings & Pain to Animals? Please Allah & God praisers answer

  • We shouldn't kill animals

    We all know that animals have feelings. Like would you kill your own dog or cat to eat it. The reasons animals bite is because they're just protecting themselves for protection. It's okay if we kill animal for food,but no for fun or anything. Cultures also treat animals as their gods. By the way the chicken in kfc has tons of cemicals.

  • The killing of animals is~ in fact WRONG!

    The Fast food co. Is a major group of animal abuse and slaughter houses.
    “The U.S. Department of Agriculture has indefinitely shut down operations at a California slaughterhouse after it received a video from an animal welfare group exposing what (is) looks like horrific animal cruelty reports- CNN -Business Insider ( )
    In the video it was very graphic and supplied very “lovely” insight into the slaughterhouse~ according to the video~it showed what seemed to be:
    “Downed cows, unable to walk to the kill floor, shot in the head two, three, even four times, and workers often walking away while the animal continues to struggle and kick.
    Some downed cows who were still alive after being shot in the head were then suffocated by workers who stood on their mouths and nostrils preventing the cows from breathing.
    Cows being tortured — repeatedly hit, jabbed, electrically shocked, and sprayed with hot water — in a narrow chute leading to the kill floor. One cow was electrically shocked over 40 times.
    Sick or injured cows repeatedly being shocked and workers pulling or lifting them by their tails in an attempt to force them to stand and walk.
    Improper stunning of animals prior to slaughter — many cows were thrashing, kicking, and clearly breathing after being shot in the head. Yet these animals are moved through the slaughter process onto a conveyor belt and then hoisted upside-down by one leg.”
    -Business Insider ( )
    In the “Fast Food Inc.” it explains, and shows, that the animals are abused. They show animals being tortured and locked in cages. For example “Fast food Inc.” shows hundreds of chickens stacked up in rows and piles. All of them have little space, squawking, and screeching, and trapped in a shed/warehouse. Most of the time they become so obese that they can no longer hold themselves up (stand up.)
    Is this really what are world has become~this makes me sick.

  • I don't agree

    They are a part of nature part of nature unless you are hurting them they will hurt you and there is no point of killing them you can eat something else then animals put your self in the animals shoes you get killed but you didn't do anything stop killing animals now!!!

  • It is bad to kill animals

    We need cows to eat grass an give is milk to drink. Our main meat is cow meat and we just eat from cows why can't we eat from something different than cows please i mean pretty pretty pretty please lets try to eat from something else from this day and on.

  • Do not kill animals

    I think we shouldn't kill animals because killing animals are some of the main reasons for extinction. The only reason you should need to kill an animal is if its trying to kill you, or if the world is in need of food very badly. Overall we can survive eating

  • Killing animals is WRONG!

    No, we shouldn't kill animals! Sometimes we kill them to just practice our "Hunting skills". And we don't have to become vegetarians but it still isn't right. Animals already suffer from nature sometimes so they don't need our help killing them. It is wrong to kill animals for no reason.

  • Protect the animals from extinct.

    Everyone think that we need meat to live and survival. But no one think of: "If we continue killing animals, they will become extinct!"
    If the animals extinct, there's nothing for us to eat and hunt anymore. At that time, we will end up kill our self! We DON'T need to eat meat. There are plenty kind of food around you that you can eat. Is there anyone eat insect yet? That's the mode now. It taste ae actually really good!

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