• Lets kill em!

    Yes we should. The terminally ill are a burden to the human race. These people are money consuming, blood sucking loving liberals. These "ill" people aren't really sick. They are pretending so they can get healthcare benefits. People with cancer are a joke and should die immediately. They got cancer for a reason. (This was a friends idea, and his words). This would eliminate our population problem too.

  • Yes and no

    It depends on with the victim wants. If they feel that they don't have any time left and that they are just wasting their parents money than they have the right to want to die it is their decision we cannot make it for them for we are not the one's suffering.

  • Of course not!

    Terminally ill people are still human. Why should we treat them otherwise? Just because they are sick does not give us the right or authority to treat them as animals. Terminally ill people are still God's people are are made in His image. God loves everyone equally and we should as well. Our love should be UNconditional. If we put people down just because they are not like us, that is pure selfishness and pride. Terminally ill people should be nourished, cherished and loved as they end their life. You would not want to be put down if you were in their shoes, would you?!

  • This is a life and death situation.

    These kinds of situations (if made official) are top tier priority. People have the intimate right to live, and telling a cancer victim to die is automatically violating one very important document. It's in the sense that cancer patients have as much a chance to live as you have a chance to become a Lawyer. This is a decent chance, and killing off cancer patients decreases the population of a country, and not to mention give a bad rep to the same country. While cancer victims are a burden, you're ignorant on such a topic if your "opinions" fall into a category of killing them. Making personal reflections is also a beat down to those who want to kill cancer patients: as how would you feel being told you have cancer, then told the next day they will execute you because the government says so? Who would care then? It's reasonable for someone to troll around and try to act all "cold hearted' and feared, because this is the internet. If such a issue was brought up to a professional debate, you would look like the most uneducated person (guaranteed) telling people to die, without a good enough reason.

  • No we shouldn't

    We have lots and lots of surviving victims of cancer. Some breast cancer survivors make it and some don't. It hurts a lot of people that you have said that. This is a very bad topic to pick because your friend will get the crap kicked out of him for saying this so i suggest you knock some sense into him and live life.

  • I do not agree with this

    Cancerous patients should not be killed, as they still have a chance to live. Here is a good example, Hillary Clinton got cancer in 1980, but the public did not know, because her medical records were as well hidden as her emails are currently. She underwent so much chemotherapy that she eventually turned into a reptilian. Bernie Sanders is the only light of the democratic party today. We must execute her by reopening Auschwitz, but before we throw her reptilian body into the furnace, we should let her take a "shower"

  • I am a passionate advocate of euthanasia, but...

    Every person, in my opinion, deserves the right to choose when they wish to die. Each person has the right to their own person, body and life, not the state or any other person. Therefore, only an individual of sound mind can choose euthanasia for themselves. The idea that the state or other individuals would have the power to exercise this authority (killing the terminally ill), is a profound violation of free will and the individual at the most fundamental and primary level.

  • Spider man spider man

    Does whatever a spider can . Spider man likes to eat the terminally ill so we should put them in privet homes where they will get raped instedad of getting eating by the spider man. They like it too and want more of it. I like spider man. Hi bye

  • Are you crazy?

    Obviously, we can't kill of the terminally ill. FDR was terminally ill (polio) and if we had killed him we wouldn't have had a president. Angelina Jolie, Julie Andrews and Michael Fox all have chronic/terminal illnesses. They all have chances of surviving and contributing to society, and they do so every day. People who fight through chronic illnesses are proven to have a bigger impact on society. This is extremely insensitive and distasteful, and you should probably delete this debate!

  • NO!!! WAY!! Thats terrible.

    Look, even though it was your friend that said this, I wouldn't post it here. People can be very sensitive to this kind of stuff. I hope this was just mean't to be a joke. Your friend is clearly messed up in some sort of way. Thanks, and please reconsider.

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