• Yes, We should

    Yes, we should learn less for this reasons. When we get up to about middle schools and high schools, we learn stuff that is useless for a normal life. Complicated math problem isn't use in this world except you want to be a teacher or a scientist (OR Albert Einstein). We should learn about money management and other stuff that we use in our daily lives

  • No we shouldn't

    We should not learn less in schools because , we will never be able to go back to schools when we grow up. Even though some people can be teachers and go to school, they cannot just wear school uniforms and sit in a classroom and learn if they wanted to. So we should take the most time from the schools

  • No, we should not.

    Do I agree that we are learning the wrong things in school? Yes. Do I agree that we need to learn less? No. That will ill prepare us for the job market. I think that a well rounded education that helps children to make better decisions with the help of teachers and others who can help guide them. Children need the guidance to help them decide whether they will go to college, a vocational school, or right into the job market.

  • The Educational System is Well Rounded

    Current educational standards are well designed for students to ascertain 4 year college degrees. The Common Core standard requirements of English, History, Science, and Math, as well as a mix of electives, creates a well rounded individual student, ready for the challenges of the world with multiple skill sets and a proficient knowledge of the world.

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