Should we leave more land in its natural condition (yes) or develop the land for housing and industries (no)?

  • Revitalize Urban Centers

    More and more people moved to suburbs in the 1980s to create entirely new population centers. Meanwhile, urban centers have declined. Instead of taking up more natural land for houses, why don't we redevelop urban centers in decay for more housing and industry? Humans will need more land in the next 20 years as the baby boomers get older and retire. When they die and leave the next generation in charge, the population will decline and we won't need as much stuff. At that point, we should leave more land in its natural condition rather than develop things from scratch.

  • We should Leave Land in it's Natural Condtion

    Land should be left in it's natural condition and should not be developed for housing and industry. The United States currently has many vacant buildings and homes that can be utilized before more land is destroyed. These properties, usually in less desirable neighborhoods, could be fixed up or knocked down for new construction. This would not only help neighborhoods that have been ravaged by foreclosures, but it would bring more jobs.

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