• Too many differences

    For a long time, the UK has remained a separate country with its separate culture and identity from mainland Europe. The cultural, social, and most importantly religious (with the Church of England) differences between the people of the UK and Europe represents difficulties in integration, as seen by the commonality of exceptions in various policies such as immigration and economic policies. Through separation the peoples of UK and Europe are able to develop independently without hindering each other's progress.

    Posted by: soll
  • I don't want us to leave

    OK we have had the refernedum and the majority voted to leave so of course we are. However i still think it is a bad idea. Aside from the economic risks. . . Im more concerned about the social implications and the message it sends to the world. Most people voted to leave to end the freedom of movement. I think this was a mistake. Unless we get a free movement deal with other countries, It means many could be in effect imporisoned on this island after we leave. There is huge risk with this. If there was to be a disaster such as severe econnomic disaster, Revolution, Civil war or natural disaster we would be toally reliant on other countries showing "mercy". . . . . I don't know about you but i wouldnt bet on mercy being shown on us. We would be left trapped on an island to suffer or even die. . . . . . . There owuld be nowhere to run. Now i know many will say that this would never happen in the uk and maybe you are right. But at least with freedom of movement there was as fail safe option available: people could escape if they chose (providing they had a job offer). Now only the wealthy or those with good degrees will be able to escape. In relation to fears of everyone coming to the uk that was never going to happen and certainly not forever. At some point, It would have corrected anad those that would have gone to the uk would have chosen to go elsewhere. I think we have locked ourselves in our room and thrown away the key!

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