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  • In Some Circumstances

    In cases of terminal illness, assisted suicide should be an option. Allowing a suffering person peace and dignity in death is an act of love and is most certainly moral, but people who want to die because they are depressed, no. I'm assuming you meant physician assisted suicide, or euthanasia, and should probably clarify that

  • Their life, it should be their choice.

    I believe that any adult should have the right to end their lives peacefully only if antidepressants and other kinds of help have been tried but have had no effect on lifting their depression. We peacefully end the lives of people convicted of killing other people in extremely awful and painful ways (at least here in America), they get an easy way out even though they don't deserve to die peacefully, so why should an innocent adult who has severe untreatable depression have to suffer until they die a possibly painful death? We're treating mass-murderer convicts better than suffering human beings. I myself admit I am not comfortable with the idea of assisted suicide or letting people choose to die, but I'm thinking more about how they feel instead of how I feel.

  • How is illicit suicide enforced?

    You cannot really stop someone from killing themselves. Legalizing and having strict controls over how and why someone qualifies for this would be better than people offing themselves for their loved ones to find later. I think we can all agree the sum total of suffering is significantly higher in those circumstances.

    Especially if part of the legal process was trying to correct problems in their life before resorting to a suicide. For some people however... If they are terminally ill, and their only guarantee is pain for the rest of their existence? The whole death with dignity argument can't just be dismissed as casually as the No side would make you think. I think they are rolling with their intuitions and claiming it's unethical without giving it thought, as they find it revolting.

  • I think we should

    I think that this should happen because people who bully others would think to themselves that is they carry on then they are responsible for that death. It would also give people who are depressed another opinion that isn't going to a mental asylum and gives them much more confidence

  • We definitely shouldn't

    That would be encouraging suicide. Killing an innocent human is unethical. It is even more unethical to take your own life. Trust me, I understand the thought process behind wanting to kill yourself, there is so many other ways out of it. Also, this is not Imperial Japan, it is neither honorable nor ethical.

  • We definitely shouldn't

    This is the dumbest thing ever. Number one, committing suicide isn't even illegal. Number 2, wth! This is really stupid. I agree with Mathias248. RandomPerson01, you really are random. And quite stupid, if you ask me. Why would you even post this? "Should we legalize suicide?" NO! This is stupid. Post something that's actually not stupid.

  • We definitely shouldn't

    This would be encouraging suicide. It is unethical to kill an innocent human. It is extremely unethical to take your own life. I definitely understand the thought process behind wanting to kill your self, but that's not the best way out. We aren't living in Imperial Japan, suicide isn't honorable or ethical. It is the complete opposite.

  • Do not think so.

    As most people go through a phase where they think of killing themselves, with this happening many people would just kill themselves knowing there would be no consequences to his/her actions. Moreover, by legalizing suicide, it would be encouraging suicide and therefore more people would just suicide instead of thinking about their actions all the way through.

  • Legalizing basically encourage

    Before entering my argument, the definition of suicide should be suicide that is unassissted. Because why are we discussing about something that is already legalized?

    By allowing suicide we are sending a message about how okay it is to commit suicide. Encouraging will make people think that even the government is okay about it so people will have no doubt about committing suicide because someone "supports" them. And by legalizing we support it and make some rules or policy that facilitates suicide. Even if, by legalizing the government just say "we're okay with suicides" is still bad as it encourages people to commit suicide. Yes, you may say it's their life but by giving them freedom to do this means we're not thinking about the others that will be affected. It may relief them, but the harms that they cause by committing suicide is worse. By legalizing it sends another message that when someone committed a suicide, the government isn't that sad about it. Because legalizing means that suicides are bound to happen and there's nothing to do about it. What will the parents of a child think? What about the husband of a wife? Close relatives? They'll feel that government can't do anything about it and making it easier for them to lose their love ones even easier.

    Posted by: Neus

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