• Yes, I think we should.

    Everyone has a right to do whatever they want with their body, even if it means ending their own life processes. If a person wants someone to help them commit suicide, they should have to draw up a legal waiver for both people to sign with a lawyer present, followed by an acknowledgement by a court judge of the waiver. This way, the person helping wouldn't get in trouble for helping someone die. The main issue people will have is the possibility of manipulation of the system to freely kill who they want and claim it was them assisting a suicide. So, some sort of assurance failsafe would need to be put in place to reduce the chance of that happening.

  • Yes it should

    A friend of mine had pancreatic cancer, he wanted to die, and had only more suffering before dying, without any hope of recovering. He was given a sleeping medicine and died a fews day later in a sleeping state. He was witout dignity and in such pain that morphine could not even help. If I were in his place, I would want to make this choice for myself, and I would not want to suffer from a cancer eating me alive. Respect the cancer patients view.

  • Yes we should

    Often the people who want to commit suicide are unable to do so. Because of this it is required that someone else must do it. However, this is illegal. How come? It is only logical to say that assisted suicide should be legal. Common sense has clearly not yet prevailed in this case, so we can only hope that one day such a simply obvious thing like this will be legalised.

  • Yes we should

    Suicide is much more serious and deeply rooted than most people think.You think pulling them down from a bridge and telling them things will get better is going to work - you are dumb.I suffered from major depression for a LONG time.

    Some people don't really want to die - their last thoughts are filled with regret.They need help but have no idea how to seek/find it.

    But if someone REALLY wants to die - there's nothing you can do about it.

    Telling them that suicide is "selfish" and "cowardly" isn't going to make them feel better.They'll suffer with every breath they take - you're practically torturing them by not letting them and you know what's selfish? THAT.

    Sometimes there really is NO way out.What people want to do with themselves, their bodies should be completely up to them.

  • Definitely, we should.

    The recent story of the man who was completely paralyzed and lived in constant pain comes to mind.

    Trapped inside his body and living day to day only to suffer, he requested that his suffering end, as he could do nothing to end it himself.

    He was refused this request, which should seem like an utter nightmare to anyone who can imagine being forced to live for months, years, or even decades helpless to do anything, even end their own suffering.

    This logically and morally makes more sense than throwing someone in a concrete box for wanting to end their life, as if locking them in a cage will change their negative outlook.

  • No, because its against the Human Rights

    Assisted suicide in’t fair for some people like poor, or he/she was just alone and have nobody to be rely on, he/she would more likely to be pursued to do the assisted suicide because of the desperated feelings. It's like we undirectly become the one who pursued them to do that while actually he had a chance to live longer.

  • The law is very clear

    We all agree that for a person to be liable of a crime, they must have the required actus reus and mens rea for the offence. Assisting the suicide being the physical element, whilst knowing what you are doing.

    So what separates this from Murder? Surely the two are completely similar. You can't argue that there is any difference between the two so why distinguish the two as different entities all together, even though both boil down to the fact of someone's death being involved in the situation.

    If you think that it is a way of "defining your morality" - you're wrong. Say you were out in the same situation, say you were on life support, would you really want to put someone you loved through that? Because that is all this is, you can't even begin to imagine the absolute heartache of the person having to do it. Ask yourself - would it be worth it?

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