• Okay, Slow down there

    Look, Gambling just isn't always with money. Like there are poker chips or heres a good one: When I play 21 with my siblings we use cheerios. Also, What age do you classify as a child? Yeah I see not teaching like a five year old but maybe a 12 year old because chances are they'll learn in middle school anyway. The picture up there is of a toddler, A creature that is unable to talk well. I'm saying that you should have an age limit before they start actually playing.
    Learning about math and reading. . . I dunno about you but math is really boring. And in a way, They are adding up or taking away their winnings so. . . What's the risk of hanging with lady luck over some cheerios?

  • Uh, Children are dummies

    When we talk about gambling, We're talking about risking a lot of money lost to chance. And when we talk about children, That risk increases. There is strategy to gambling. How will children know these strategies besides practicing? And if we allow children to practice gambling, What would it teach them about the world of finance? Would they move past the necessary practice of working for money (or anything at all), The basic structure of humanity?

    Children should be learning about things like math and reading. These two things are essential for surviving not only life itself, But gambling as well. And later, They can use their knowledge to risk it all, Not when they can be easily lured into it.

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