Should we legalize hardcore drugs like methamphetamine?

Asked by: Volcanoes13
  • Meth is FDA-approved for children (6+ years old) to treat ADHD.

    The FDA has approved methamphetamine (sold as "Desoxyn") for the treatment of ADHD in children at least 6 years of age.

    The FDA has basically admitted that, under certain circumstances, using methamphetamine can be both beneficial & relatively safe.

    However, I should point out that meth addicts usually take large doses (which are less safe). When used medically, users take 5-25 mg of methamphetamine per day. When used for enjoyment, users often take 250-1000 mg per day.

  • Legalize Meth to Industrialize it and Protect Families from Chemical Residue

    The kneejerk reaction in no is that since meth use can be so destructive we should ban it. But this doesn't consider data, it doesn't consider that the law is just a tool and is only worth using if it will yield the results we want.

    The first consideration of policy should be the effects on unconsenting others not the effects on idiots who are doing it to themselves(the meth users). In a policy where meth is illegal it gets produced in houses and then leaves residue and unsuspecting families get contaminated from it when they move in.

    Legalize meth and we can stipulate a regulation that it must only be produced in a factory setting and then the demand creating at-home productions would decline sharply.

    If this results in more people using and becoming addicted to meth we can pass out darwin awards to all those losers. The government's job is not to protect people from the consequences of their own actions which is what it does when it arrests and jails or offers rehab to meth users in an attempt to get them to quit. Let the natural consequences of meth get them to quit or let them die. It isn't worth the harm to innocent people who move into contaminated houses just so we can try to save people from their own stupidity.

  • I believe so

    I don't understand why we should punish certain drug addicts, but leave other drug addicts alone to do what they want. I am not saying that is good, but there needs to be logic in this debate. Drugs can be very dangerous, but what is the logic in just banning things that are dangerous? Meth addicts are not perfect citizens who are following the law perfectly. These addicts are the opposite, and they are driven to the other side by many causes, and they don't care much for what the law is. Education is the only thing that can bring down drug use, not just banning something dangerous. You don't get rid of that mentality that would bring you to smoking meth, but rather make them criminals and shoot up the black market. I'm done with citizens getting gunned down because of a policy, enacted in 1970, that doesn't curb drug use in any way. We need to start becoming intelligent.

  • Prohibition is bad.

    Drugs don't cause addicts to break into houses,
    its the LACK of drugs.
    The lack of drugs, really just artificially high prices, is directly caused by prohibition.
    End prohibition, prices fall, less crime by addicts.
    Quality rises, less negative health consequences.

    If we cant keep drugs out of a maximum security PRISON, just how much tyranny will it take to keep drugs out of a neighborhood?

    How much tyranny will you accept?
    How many grenades in a baby's crib is too many for you?

  • Legalize meth and all other drugs

    Drugs need to be taken out of the black market so that adults who wish to use may do so without having to associate with criminals in order to do so. I also think it would be much safer for everyone to have it available in the same way that alcohol is available because it would eliminate the need for makeshift labs. I am against having a law that makes personal choices a crime- what happened to freedom? Its time to end the "drug war" and quit being hypocrites about which substances are acceptable and which aren't.

  • Prohibition doesn't work; education and support do.

    Using the legal system to criminalize the manufacture, sale, and use of a marketable product, it breeds an underground criminal market place, without regulation regarding quality, and without informing the potential customer of the dangers of using the product.

    Prohibition does not work in irradiation of substances, regardless of how strict the punishment is for violating the law (this is a world wide fact). The only way to get drug abuse under control is to legalize all drugs, regulate their production to ensure safety for the user, accurate descriptions of effects of use on the packaging, tax the sale of these chemicals while maintaining a marketable price to discourage the resurgence of an underground marketplace, use the taxes collected to fund support programs for those who are ready to quit but are having issues with falling back into old habits. Obviously making criminals of casual users, addicts, and those who take advantage of the illegal marketplace hasn't put an end to the detriment society feels due to the existence of mind altering substances. It's time to take a different approach.

    The effects of prohibition have caused way more damage to society than any damage the current drug users, dealers, and manufactures have ever caused, because prohibition created that hole within the marketplace for the underground market to exist, tore families and lives apart, overpopulated our jails, squandered billions of tax dollars to do so, and has been used as justification for the militarization of our police forces. This needs to change now. The War on Drugs has destroyed America.

  • All drugs should be legal for safety of already-users

    People using hardcore drugs like meth, heroin, etc may be more at risk than people using, lets say shrooms, lsd, weed, which have 0 death and are non addictive. This fact may sway peoples views saying "OH LETS MAKE THESE ILLEGAL SO OUR STREETS WILL BE SAFER" but this isn't how things work. Meth is made with things generally easy to find/obtain. If you want meth off the streets, you would make all the ingredients (lithium, sudafed, etc) illegal. Lets say we pass a law that makes all of the ingredients used to make meth illegal. That will not slow down the use of meth, and cartels are/ will continue using the prohibition of said substances to their advantages by making said substances in their country in high quantities, along with guns, and other drugs, and drive/fly/boat it to the united states. If the cartels are making a big amount of money by selling hard drugs to the states, and are at risk at losing supply and profit by the police, they will not hesitate to use guns thus making the streets more dangerous. Another thing is the fentanyl epidimic going around in drugs like these. If someone is addicted to meth and tries to buy some, there is a possibility of having their meth laced with fentanyl which is EXTREMELY deadly. Having an unregulated trade of meth will keep the threat of fentanyl heavy and high. Lil peep died from fentanyl being laced with his xanax that someone gave to him.
    If we keep meth regulated and safer for already-users, than there will be less of a threat to users and non users caught in the crossfire.

    TLDR: meth being illegal is worse than meth being legal because of the threats of violence suchas gangs and cartels, and the unregulated trade of drugs being laced with fentanyl.

  • Right to live!!!

    Why can’t I have the right to live using meth. I recently asked my doctor to please do a blood test and urine test and ekg on me while having meth in my system (smoking the day of) to see if it was helping me or hurting me. Seriously!!! It came back as helping me.. Helping my cell count I had no infections in my body for the first time in over 15 years. I have been able to sleep with no medications, my blood sugar was good.. HELL ALL WAS GOOD, except things we cannot change. However I have been able to eat, sleep, I am a normal mom my family supports me smoking and so do my friends. I know the difference in the batches of what is healthy and what shit you DO NOT SMOKE. My family and friends do not smoke meth, I am allergic to pot and EVERYONE SAYS I calm down and I can focus.. I heard of two other people in Oregon that use meth as well. One for his eye sight after a truck fell on his face and another with cancer. Why should we be put aside when nothing else prescribed has helped us. If it needs to be fully legalized then I am down with getting the bad shit off the street and giving it for medicine purposes. Smoking !! I don’t want to end up in jail because it truly helps my health and we shouldn’t be punished. Make it All legal just like pot and alcohol. Alcohol kills people ALL THE TIME!!! That is legal. Enforce meth stations just as weed. For one it DOES HELP MEDICALLY... But just like pot was illegal 20 years ago now look.. I will help with education on meth use. It doesn’t have to be a ugly drug if we all work together to educate and help those with addiction. Addiction is serious and I won’t under play that at all. There are people out there that meth does help and we shouldn’t have to feel fear of going to jail just for smoking meth or buying it. My contact mail address is p.O box 703 Buckley wa 98321. I am 43 years old mind you. I think I’m old enough to make a good decision for myself and my family. Which by the way support me smoking meth..

  • It is not a narcotic it is a stimulant

    It isn't the stimulant causing meth mouth and crime. It's lack of values; multigenerational drug dealers; domestic violence; poverty; lack of education. Stimulants aren't the problem society is. Get it straight. Meth users are the lowest population of drug users in the united states versus heroin and marijuana. There are no facts you have to go back to 1970's and go to the library for the information because the Department of Social and Health Services removed all the factual information back then. It's not on the internet. Get off your ass and go to the library and ask for a PDR from the 70's and you'll find the real information about stimulants and meth.

  • Because FREEDOM YES

    The simple fact that Government acts as if it owns all the land the water the animals and Human beings they Don't I Believe A Human being should be allowed to Choose what he or she eats drinks where's smokes or injects into his or her own body so long as in doing so you don't steel from or assault others in the process

  • Stay Illegal! Don't Legalize Them!

    I don't understand why drugs should be legalized. It just makes no sense at all! More Street Violence, More Deaths, NOT GOOD! Do Not Even try to legalize them, they are extremely stupid for your health! If you take drugs, STOP NOW IF YOU WANT TO LIVE 14 YEARS LONGER THAN IF YOU TAKE DRUGS! It Will Be a disaster if drugs are legalized.

  • We should not legalize methamphetamines

    Methamphetamines are illegal and always have been. There should be no reason to change that. My dad used to use methamphetamines and his teeth are nearly gone. I have also seen pictures of people from one and the next and they were pale, had a lot of acne and seemed to be lost in space, dead for all I know. My mom also told me that people scratch their scin to the bone and I imagine they look terrible!

  • Of course not!

    It is only beneficial to society to illegalize drugs like methamphetamine. These drugs are highly toxic and will ruin your life and people's lives around you! There has to be some limit on drugs, because if we let people do whatever they want, society will fall apart, people will be going crazy on the streets, there will be even more street violence to obtain drugs, there will be more people driving high on drugs, it'll be a mess!

  • Hardcore drugs should stay illegal.

    By supporting the legalization fo hardcore drugs we are really supporting the crumbling of society. Hardcore drugs offer no health positives and are solely used to degrade the mind of the user. Having them legalized would put them in more hands than keeping them illegal. Keep hardcore drugs illegal and punishable.

  • Don't Give in - educate and help

    My son is addicted to meth. He was a great student, athlete and overall good guy in high school. One very bad life experience has caused him much pain and depression over the last few years. Lead him to try some drugs to help temporarily. Not a smart choice but it happened. Now we are fighting everyday to get him back to some stability. I vote to keep fighting for everyone.

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  • Legacy for our kids

    If this is now, what type of legacy are we going to leave to our children, parents should pay attention to their kids and they are the responsible ones for their kids educations and actions.... No matter what type pf drug it is, it damages the brain, our system, it is addictive and destroys lives, it brings death, is this what we want for our future generation?

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