• It Can be a Beneficial Factor in the Economy

    Prostitution has a poor image to most of the civilized world because of it's rightfully bad rep. That is largely because it is illegal. Since there is virtually no regulation of prostitution other than that it is illegal any prostitution that is done is unethical and often forced because of that. Forced prostitution is a direct result of lack of regulation as a potential legitimate business. If it were regulated along with a form of registry forced prostitution can be more easily tracked with new laws and regulation. There would also be no market for illegal prostitution and, therefore, it would die out on its own. At the same time this industry could also benefit the economy as a taxed and legitimate part of the private sector.

  • Prostitution should be legalized

    Prostitutes now made a lot of money and became the envy of many women because it is illegal and rare. If we made it legal, by law of supply and demand, being a prostitute will not earn so much money like before, therefore it will not become attractive to many women anymore. At the same time it will liberate women from being conservative in choosing her marriage partner. Remember, a prostitute will be wiser than non-prostitute in choosing her life partner.

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