• Yes, all people should be able to marry.

    In past years, those of different races were not allowed to marry. Now we understand that thinking to be wrong and biased. In the same way, we should allow and even encourage those of the same sex who want to make a commitment to marry each other and celebrate their partnership.

  • Same sex marriage should be legal.

    I believe that it is wrong to be gay, according to the
    teachings of the bible. Even the
    teachings of the Koran are against the practice of homosexuality. Still, I think that in American society, same
    sex should be legal. Maybe in a Muslim
    country it would have to be illegal, but America is supposed to have separation
    of church and state.

  • Marriage equality must be for everyone.

    Same-sex marriage is a marriage. If a man and woman can be married and have the benefit of privileges from the State and Federal government, then same-sex couples must be eligible for the same benefit.
    Due to the First Amendment of the Constitution, religious definitions cannot be held as the standard by government.
    So, either all types of consenting adult couples can enjoy marriages or none can.

  • It sould'nt be

    I am late for this, but before i begin, i want to point out, that i have gay friends, there wonderful people. But when it comes to marriage...I severely disagree. For one, let me ask you all a question...What would happen if right now everyone turned gay till they died. Give it 150 years and there would be no such things as humans...Last i checked, you need one sperm and one egg to make a child....

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CrimeBoss says2015-04-29T05:02:31.907
Marriage Should Only be Defined as between a Man and a Woman.
"Same-sex marriage is against God,"
And if you Vote Against God I hope you all burn in Hell.
You are trying to force people to except this.
Marriage is defined as one man and one women joined together in unity.
No one has the right to change what has been taught and what has been law
since the creation of God. For those who wish to live in sin being lesbian or gay etc.
they may do as they wish. But the rest of the world doesn't have to bend or change laws
in order to validate what they do.