Should we let Africans eat our prisoner? A solution to prison overpopulation and world hunger.

Asked by: madness
  • We can kill two birds with one stone.

    This prevent prison overpopulation and deter crime, it would end world hunger and the best part is the African would only be eating their own kind as most of the criminal are black anyway.
    This is undoubtedly a well thought out solution.
    I also believe that this will help reduce the black population in America which in turn will reduce gun crime and police shootings.

  • This is preposterous!

    My friend while I see where you're going with this I have to disagree. For one not all Africans eat people, actually, only a small portion do and feeding those won't stop world hunger. World hunger doesn't only take place in Africa, that's like saying only Muslims are terrorists and terrorists only live in Iraq! Secondly, although most prisoners are African-American that doesn't mean that we are their "kind" in fact in a lot of cases we are very different and often times those from countries don't necessarily like us, and if they do it's because we're American. Thirdly, gun control isn't a "black people" issue, it's an all people issue. If you wanna make this a race thing, you don't ever hear about black people going on massacres and shooting up schools and movie theaters. Lets not even get started with police shootings, my friend. Please refrain from making comments singling out one specific race.

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