Should we let children and young teens, age 16 and below, play online games?

Asked by: Linkish1O2
  • Online games can help form important social skills

    Too much online gaming has proven to be addictive, and detrimental to health and mind if not balanced with a healthy real life. I've played some online games myself, and in general, if balanced it can help you form situational awareness, fellowship with other players, and planning skills that carry into real life.

  • Yes, but I favor research.

    I'd like to see actual research conducted with respect to violence in video games and how that translates into violence in real life. We've long suspected that it has direct correlations to aggression in boys - and that was common thought prior to Sandy Hook.

    When it became expedient however to dismiss this notion in favor of blaming firearms for every tragedy the media and politicians did so and practically embraced gaming, saying there was no relationship.

    At the end of the day however, its time as a society that we agreed technology is here to stay. Its better to be actively involved in your child's life than to spend all your time trying to block him or her from what's out there.

  • Sure why not.

    The reason I say yes is because it's a free country. I'm 16 and I've been playing online games for quite a while now. Of course I'm not the type that gets on there and says things about someones mom and start cussing at people. I play to have fun.

  • Yes we should be able.

    It is no reason not to be able to play online games . It's a free country and we are spending our money not yours .For the people hat say we shouldn't . And even if you won I'm sure that that amendment would . Not be passed in the strong held constitution .

  • Children Should be Allowed

    Children under the age of sixteen should be allowed to play online video games. Good video games can help a child be more balanced if he or she does not spend more than an hour at a time. In addition, good video games can teach a child to be a problem solver and a thinker. However, in many cases, violent video games can negatively impact a child by a lot. It really depends on whether a video game is a good impact or violent and negative impact. Furthermore, it should be the parent's responsibility to check if a child is addicted. This is why I strongly believe children under the age of sixteen should be able to play online video games.

  • Yes they should...

    The only argument against this on the "No" side is that under 16s are too mature to play online games. This is just a massive, unjust, generalisation of the entirety of under 16s. Not everyone is immature and it is immature to hold such a belief. There really are no other arguments against this... As long as age restrictions are obeyed, then no one can complain about under 16s being exposed to whatever undesirable content is on said video game (which is not right for under 16s to see).

  • They could do other things.

    Kids do sometimes need to do things that don't involve much brain power, but there are a lot of inappropriate pictures and adds on the Internet, and if you don't have a parental filter on there electronics they could see or search things they shouldn't see till there much older. Also some games are very violent and gruesome for smaller kids to see, and games like slender man have tricked kids into thinking that the fictional characters are real, so they do things they would never normally do.

  • Not a chance.

    I think that kids, and young teens, should absolutely NOT play online games, my reason, because I don't care how good the kid is that's playing, but its the maturity level, and the annoying sounds they make, and when they cuss its just plain wrong, and the rage screaming ,ugh what a headache. The reason why young teens shouldn't play online games, is again the maturity level, plus it ups a huge chance of older people hitting on 16 year old girls, or even worse 14 year old girls.

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