Should we let newborn, That expected to die without heavy medical assistance and will live with crucial disabilities that destroy their lives, To die?

Asked by: xakeres
Should we let newborn, That expected to die without heavy medical assistance and will live with crucial disabilities that destroy their lives, To die?
  • Drag on society

    Resources are scarce as they always have been, Which is why only those who contribute to society should be worthy of it. Babies with crucial disabilities will end up draining our resources without giving back to us if kept alive. Why should we allow them to stay alive and be useless eaters when we could painlessly euthanize them upon birth.

  • Why spend scarce resources on useless eaters?

    I hate to Agree with Hitler and such he was wrong about the jews they are smart and are good with money and made us that a bomb, But the seriously ill i mean seriously messed up won't even enjoy life and take money from others who could contribute if they are healed, I see the value of eugenics, Not really sure why they even bother keeping me alive

  • I think yes.

    Why? Because it's hard for both parents and their children.
    Next words are going to be nothing more than just a pure attempt to imitate various reasoning methods and words as far as such things have to be felt and experienced. Not said by armchair critics and theoretical geniuses. Thanks for attention. P. S. Please don't ban me.

  • Question hard to understand but. . .

    They deserve to be here just like anyone else. I have a family member with cystic fibrosis, Sickle cell disease, PKU and later developed POTS and periodic paralysis. She also has a couple of food allergies. She also has autism and a mild intellectual disability.

    Her life isn't ruined. She's very happy, Verbal, Mobliity without any type of equipment (she can run, Jump, Skip, Walk, Etc) and is doing well. She's very happy, Sweet and kind to everyone.

  • They deserve a chance as well

    How are we supposed to know if someones disability will destroy their life? Just because they are not completely healthy doesn't mean they can't have a good quality of life, They still deserve the chance to live and do something with their lives. They are not worthless and people with disabilities can contribute to society.

  • A case for the involved

    Part of me wants to say you are calling it earlier than an emergency paramedic, We have no idea whether this person's disabilities will destroy their lives. The question, By the way that you phrase it, Should be is death be better than life. Is it better to live in a world that you can learn to love or be cast to a world that we don't even know exists. Would you rather be that child who was never given a chance or be the adult who ends later in life having known that at least he cared enough to try to learn, To live, And to love. There is essential humanity missing in your assumption that the person would live their life knowing nothing but suffering. You assume that to be nothing at all is better than to be something and that to give up early is better than trying at all. No, I do not believe that we should take the chance away from these people just because it becomes inconvenient for us. If you believe that the purpose of living is just to live, I do hope that you find something to live for. I am not someone ruled by emotion, But I do believe that there are things that I live for.

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