Should we let primary schools give out free ice creams every Friday(compulsory)?

  • Kids deserve to be happy; don't waste time justifying why they don't

    If the school districts can afford to spend wasteful amounts of money on extra administrative privileges and excess office-supplies funding, Then they can do this comparatively small favor for a bunch of kids trapped in a largely unfulfilling school system that would rather teach the quadratic equation than real-life applicable skills like Home-Ec. The school systems are still failing in many places to provide healthy lunches, Making the obesity epidemic much worse than treating them to a free ice cream each Friday. If the schools REALLY cared, They would provide healthy affordable lunches, And HEALTHY ice-cream treats like paleta (look it up), But for all the funding mistakes countless schools make, A free ice cream every Friday is the least they could do, And, Other than making kids happy, Would do as little diet damage as eating a cookie before bed every now and then. If you have to go out of your way to justify why ONE free ice cream isn't acceptable for treating kids, Are you really that different from the widely-loathed people who decided standardized testing and educational material inapplicable to the real world is helpful for kids in any way?

  • No, This is just silly

    First of all, Never really understood the whole giving out (pizzas, Candies, Ice cream, Cupcakes, Cookies, Etc) in school. My school still does this. Several of the people in my school can't eat these at all due to severe wheat, Milk/dairy, Egg, And other allergies- including me. Also, I don't find much of a purpose for it. Something like this would never be compulsory. You can easily eat ice cream at home or eat something else you enjoy at home or out some place- don't really need it during school unless it was in a packed lunch.

  • No such thing.

    This question must have been made by a child. Not because they may get ice cream but how poorly it's thought out. How do you "let" someone do that is compulsory (required by law). Making it compulsory doesn't "let" you do anything, It forces you to do it. Another thing you have to realize is nothing is free. Obviously the ice cream vendor needs to be paid so either the parents pay for it directly or the tax payers do. Then there are all the cases of lactose intolerance and vegans who would demand their child to have some sort of substitute desert like lactose free ice cream or sherbet. You will also have kids who wanted chocolate but the only flavor left is vanilla so they feel cheated and get their parents into the argument. You may also have kids asking for regular ice cream instead of the lactose free or dairy free options and that too would outrage parents. Before you know it, A treat for kids becomes a school board nightmare. Here is an idea. If parents want their kids to have something cold in their lunch, The parents can pack it in one of those insulated lunch bags with an ice pack and hope for the best.

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