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We Shouldn't Limit It

  I do not agree with limiting population growth. It is wrong to me You are basically telling people that they can have a certain amount of kids. What if people want a big family? That is something many people of the world want and it is wrong to tell them they cannot.
Anonymous says2013-08-15T07:07:00.053
I want a car for every scenario a house for every scenario. Remember the difference between want and need my friend. We are no longer singular as the world becomes more connected so do our lives weather we like it or not and If it came down to whether a child of mine ate over a child of yours what would we all choose? Better to not have to force ourselves or future generations to such a horrible life we are not animals who kill, we are humans with the ability to use logic and reason.
mariek says2015-04-28T23:31:29.847
This is america
mariek says2015-04-28T23:31:43.137
Not a communist country
mariek says2015-04-28T23:31:56.163
Do you not value life at all
Lemae7 says2017-03-14T06:48:48.353
We very much value life. So much that, in order to keep the human population from running itself into the dirt due to lack of resources, we should be willing to acknowledge logically that, if we don't stop, the human species will very well cease to exist. Just as soldiers make sacrifices FOR MURRICA and such, we as humans that care about our world and the human race need to let go of the selfish and unnecessary need to create more spawn. The big picture, so to speak.
sparta999 says2018-05-14T22:34:56.203
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