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We must teach all human children about POPULATION and SEX EDUCATION

  You humans are the #1 cause of loss of life to biodiversity and you pesky humans are also the leading cause of pollution. The ONLY way for humanity to survive for the next century is to embrace education and use technology for the better good. Humans who contribute to waste by a factor of 18 times more than they contribute to cleaning up should be euthanized. Also repeat violent criminals should be honorably euthanized as well. Parents should have 2 children, if they do not produce a male the first two times then they can go for a 3rd, but after that no more babies, unless the parents can prove that they are well beyond their means in the ability to support the family.
Anonymous says2013-08-15T06:52:49.413
I have to disagree with the 3rd child option. That would cause inequity. The more wealthy families would eventually control, wealth business and law. I fear that it may already be as such. Maybe advances in science could help us either determine or even control gender, but that is for another topic.
MasturDbtor says2014-11-25T05:43:29.157
Don't call it "euthanizing". Euthanizing is done to alleviate suffering. What you are talking about is "execution".

Also, overpopulation is going to reverse with development!

Csimpson28 says2015-12-04T03:52:29.253
You refer to people as "you pesky humans." If evreyone is just a pesky human what are you? Are you God? Or maybe a giraffe?
Csimpson28 says2015-12-04T03:52:38.503
You refer to people as "you pesky humans." If everyone is just a pesky human what are you? Are you God? Or maybe a giraffe?
sam.vahnenko says2018-05-11T15:05:24.637
Your writing your side of the argument as if you aren't human... Maybe your a giraffe in disguise.
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