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Population limits itself

  If overpopulation were to be achieved, it will either A) not be a problem, or B) cause many people to eventually die because of there is no way for the people to live a sustainable life since the population limit has been supposedly exceed. A) if it is not a problem there is no need to control it. B) In that case there is still no need to control it because it will ultimately control itself. even though there is suffering from route B) there is still suffering caused by controlling it.
Anonymous says2013-07-07T16:23:48.877
So is your suggestion to potentially foresee the inevitable death of many and simply allow it to happen? Say, for example, this was to happen in our lifetime: Would you willingly die as part of the self-regulating nature of life, or try to prevent it now before things get to that stage?
ggerow80 says2014-01-06T08:15:28.657
You completely ignore the irreversible damage the population is causing on nature. Humans are continually harming the environment at insane rates. A way to prevent this would be a sterility gene that is administered voluntarily and continues to offspring. It would be impossible to argue the ethics of that because if you argue against it, you are negating the free choice of the volunteer. And a case can be made that the offspring's free will is violated but is it truly free will to have the ABILITY to have children? It is free will to have sex but as humans we currently have no choice of how to be born anyway.
21MolonLabe says2014-12-17T19:10:48.520
Looking at this from an objective standpoint, I agree with yuiru, It is simple Biology. The Carrying Capacity would reach its limit, and the population would slowly decline. This happens all of the time in nature.
cespina says2016-12-03T03:59:10.317
This happens in nature but in the case of humans medicine prevents natural population control. And like mentioned already I prefer control than just watching a lot of people dying when it becomes unsustainable.
clopezt22 says2016-12-06T16:59:43.207
While this is true the only species that seems to be able to control their capacity in an environment. If the growth rate of humanity continues to exponentially grow the environment might be able to support all the number of people, however, this means that other will have to lower their living standard to allow the population to continue to grow. Also with the growth of a population comes other problems such as environmental.
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