• Time to grow up

    There is no longer any use for high populations as we move into a post industrial society. It's childish to presume that all people are born with the right to reproduce. These are ideas from a more primitive, selfish society of greed and assumed self importance. It's time for people to grow up. We're owed nothing, we owe everything to this blue planet.

  • We must teach all human children about POPULATION and SEX EDUCATION

    You humans are the #1 cause of loss of life to biodiversity and you pesky humans are also the leading cause of pollution. The ONLY way for humanity to survive for the next century is to embrace education and use technology for the better good. Humans who contribute to waste by a factor of 18 times more than they contribute to cleaning up should be euthanized. Also repeat violent criminals should be honorably euthanized as well. Parents should have 2 children, if they do not produce a male the first two times then they can go for a 3rd, but after that no more babies, unless the parents can prove that they are well beyond their means in the ability to support the family.

  • Being against someone else's "freedom" is also a freedom...

    Sorry but this is a clash of freedoms... This is a war! Those who value nature more than the selfish and futile desire to have "huge families" are going to support a limit for human population... Those who put any selfish desire above nature are going to support the acceleration of population growth... Go ahead and call me an autoritarian if you will but be aware that I think the exact same thing about you... Those who are against limits always come with emotional blackmail about freedom... But what do you understand about freedom? So being obliged to agree with the acceleration of human population growth is being free for you? I have the freedom to state what I really think and yes I do like nature and I don't want it to disappear... I don't want an 100% human world... I hate emotional blackmail... Such thing does not work against me!

  • Just One Thing

    If you could boil down what is wrong with the world to just one thing, what would it be? It would be people having children who should not. Nothing is more dangerous than an adolescent w/o knowledge, or with the wrong knowledge. Nothing.

    Unfortunately, it very, very hard to determine who can and can not have children. But, we are to live in a society together, and promise each other to take care of each other, we must somehow figure this out. We must start a discussion, like this.

  • Its the only way to provide a comfortable environment for everyone

    I've just recently finished a degree in Architecture and have a particular interest in Urban Design. I simply cannot understand the logic behind building taller and more dense buildings as part of an urban designer's plan to improve our living environments. This solution is purely the government's short term solution to reducing homelessness, and provide an even more risky short term boost to the economy by providing work for the construction industry. It is obvious to me that in this plan, no consideration has been given to the quality of the lives of the people living in these 'dense' (another word for too small) high-rise prison towers that cut people off from all form of urban interaction and more importantly interaction with a connected environment. I can see and understand the argument for not imposing restrictions on the number of permitted births, but i feel the risk to the standard of the future built environment in which this new sprawling generation will have to live, morally, far outweighs any such argument.

  • Because we are using up recources faster than we can replace them.

    The current population of the planet is around 7.2 billion. By 2050, the U.N. Department of Social and Economic affairs already predicts that there will be an estimate of about 9.6 billlion people on th planet. Most of the population will most likely occur in countries like China and India. As the population now sours, food and nessities will be a must needed factor to suport the population of the people on earth, resulting to deforestation of the planet.

  • We will Eventually Have to Do it

    I believe we need to limit the population on planet Earth to 10 billion. Not because of oil and gas usage, but if food usage. Oil and will be replaced by electricity by 2025 if the electric trend continues. But food is a different story; according to studies, the uppermost population limit is 10 billion, anything past that number will result in feeding problems. Today though, food is not a problem. The reason why people think that it is, is because of Africa. Because Africa has food growing difficulties because of the planet heating up due to the CO2 we release in the atmosphere while driving gas cars, whichs heats there crop fields. But as I stated earlier, gas cars should be replaced by 2025 if the electric trend continues. Humanity will not stop at this number; if everything continues as planned with the space program, we should begin colonization of the planet Mars by 2050 (the first landing should occur by 2035). That is well within our lifetimes! Since Mars is about half the size of Earth, then Mars should be able to hold just under 5 billion people. Which brings up the population to nearly 15 billion! It it will continue growing as we reach out for the stars.

  • We are already too many... too many

    ...Not quantity but quality is necessary for this planet to survive! Don't you see it?
    The world is overcrowded already and full of hungry innocent kids born in ultimate misery.
    The planet is not an endless space full of goods for another 10 billion of hungry throats.
    Very soon the human life will become nothing else than terrible existence in hunger and misery.

  • Yes, we absolutely should...

    Human population has increased at an almost exponential rate. With this growth comes an increase in demand for land, food, water, energy, and other resources. As human numbers grow species and their habitats diminish. The bulk of evidence suggests that human population growth is an important underlying cause of biodiversity loss. According to the most recent projections, by the end of the 21st century human population could reach as high as 16 billion or as low as 5.5 billion.

  • Increasing inequality of opportunity

    Daily, there are a greater amount of people born into poverty than comfort, human nature strives and claims to be about equality however we seem incapable of ever being able to achieve it. We should stop the rate of births for a few years and allow those already born to achieve a higher potential. But we may as well try to stop the Suns rise.

  • Should "we" limit? Who's the "we"?

    G-d says in the bible that there should be more humans that we count, So as long as there's a count on humans, There's room for more. Once there is no count, Who cares how many there are?

    To the title Should "we" limit? Who's the "we"
    I. E. Who's playing God?

    If you believe that the world is overpopulated, Then YOU can go & solve it right there.

  • No, Because of choice in individuals

    Not everyone wants to have children, So the ones that do can have as many kids as they want, Whether it be one or two, Or as many as 10 or 12. In this way, Society balances itself out. This is why I think we don't need human population growth.

  • Would you like to not be here

    Think of it as this what if it was passed before you were born and you weren't here right now. Why would you want to have someone tell you what to do with your own children, And your also killing innocent people with world population control how else would you get rid of people

  • Its Pure Selfishness

    People feel like it is their decision to decide whether or not certain people can have a certain amount of children! This is very selfish indeed, I thought this was a free country. Free speech, Free thoughts, But you are seriously thinking about limiting one of our most important freedoms. Our decision and right to have as many children if any that we want.

    -Madelena Nalbach 11 years old in Tennessee

  • Free Rights for all people.

    The U. S is a free country were all people white or black, Boy or girl have free rights other countries aren't like that like China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, And North Korea, So if some people who are black, Or are girls are kicked out of the country, Than the new country probably won't give them any free rights like us.

  • We cannot because we have to do mass killings in order to save country.

    We can't do mass killings or it should be done totally without any cheating. But more realible would be if we used population in different economic groups and make our economy improve from it. It would rather be fair and peole thus would also be free from the evils of unemployment.

  • No we shouldn't limit population, We can open peoples minds in to the problem but not force them.

    I know that there is a problem with the population and we have to fix it, But we can not force people to limit population. The problem is that over population is happening but its not like we are crowded but we don't have enough resources for every one, I think that we should regulate our the population on the amount of resources we have around us.

  • No we should not limit the human population growth.

    The reason why we should not limit the human population is because I wouldn't like it when someone tells me how many kids i can or can't have. I also wouldn't like it if someone told me I had to abort my kid. This is why I disagree with this.

  • No we should not limit human population growth.

    According to author, Hannah Gais, Better education has lead to empowering citizens and limiting birth rates. I disagree because I am an educated woman with a Master's degree and I choose to have 4 kids. My idea of empowering people is allowing the to choose how they want to live their lives.

  • Everyday People Pass Away, And Everyday Someone's Born

    I don't think overpopulation is an issue, Because either way there are people dying, And being born, So you be the judge of what I'm stating. It's like the food chain, Its a balance of nature. So honestly even if overpopulation is risk, I honestly don't think that killing and telling people to get an abortion is right. It's their choice and validating their rights and freedoms is wrong in every way possible.

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TN05 says2013-04-15T00:10:31.767
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement would be a great place for 'Yes' voters to start. Save the planet, go kill yourselves!
Pronatalist says2013-12-28T11:19:24.817
A limit upon world population growth, makes no sense at all to impose upon people. What then if some arbitrary population cap is exceeded? Government violence? Excuse for murder? Excuse for bad talk or dissing our neighbors? Let world population grow freely without restraint, encouraging everybody possible to use no means of "birth control" at all, not even rhythm nor pulling out. Human life should spread freely, so that more and more people can experience life. The best way to avoid surpassing some stupid arbitrary population cap, is to oppose the very idea that a population cap ought to be imposed. Rather, let the entire planet grow denser and denser with people, and ADAPT, something that humans can do remarkably well.

Each and every human life is of immense value and sacred, so human populations everywhere should spread naturally, without the use of any means of "birth control." Our ancestors thought population is what it is, and human population size was not thought of as something to manipulate or control. People had more faith in the Bible, and so God's commandment to people to Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, meant more to them. Surely that commandment, at the very least, means that there is no need to use any "preventative measures" to restrain human fertility. Simply get married, then have as many babies as God gives or as the human body can naturally conceive.
snm_debate says2014-01-26T04:43:52.813
Oh, I'd be careful what you write, folks. Advocating suicide isn't freedom of speech, so says a court judge.

AMahabir7 says2014-02-18T04:31:21.600
Limit the popultaion before it is too late!!!
MasturDbtor says2014-11-25T05:47:26.933
To those who voted "yes":

jscix1 says2015-10-19T04:07:51.663
How arrogant do people truly have to be to think that their personal freedom of having children is more improtant than the destruction of our planet, the freedom and lives of the entire future of our species and all other species on this planet.

A very, VERY simple prospect: Earth has limited space, it also has limited resources, if we continue to breed out of control we will exhaust both the earths space, and it's resources.

Anyone who seriously think's that their 'right' to have children is more imortant than the future of literally EVERYONE, needs to seriously re-evauate their ethics.

Population control should of been implemented like yesterday. It's scary to think this really isn't a major issue for our society.
Clairity says2017-06-04T16:32:50.557
This is just an idea but what about if there was a lottery, if you take from the free pool of resources without equal contribution then you will be entered into a lottery of sorts. This lottery would be held bi-weekly and select 100 persons for self sacrifice. When you take without giving back, your chances for self destruct would be greater. It would be a persons own choice if they choose free, over working or trading with their community. It would strengthen community bonding in order to protect friends and family from having to take something without working or giving back as payment or balance. Just an idea. This would need a lot of refining and rebuilding of monetary structuring in order to get something like this working. Would love to hear others thoughts on this.
elboardman says2018-06-06T22:25:11.973
Most organisms have the need (not the right) to reproduce in order to pass their genetic code before they die. This is simple evolution. Many humans, specially the educationally challenged ones, will always be against anything that prevents them from fulfilling their instinct. We need to take this into consideration when implementing a population control mechanism.

I think a combination of education and tax will do the trick. Educate and improve the status of females in our societies as mentioned before, and implement a resource allocation tax. Set a quota for offspring and if a person exceeds that number they get hit by a tax. No one likes to pay taxes and that will promote self regulation.

If a person does not pay the TAX then they automatically lose their health insurance. With no medical support nature will take care of the rest.

This way nobody is forced to limit the number of children they can have. So if people want to reproduce like rabbits, like most religious people think they are entitled to, just let them, but there'll be social consequences, one of them being a tax. We are social animals and we cannot live without one another. And life is all about the competition for resources, and since there are no natural predator for humans, rules must be put in place so we can coexist harmoniously among ourselves and the rest of the living creatures in this planet.

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