• Yes! It will spur on the eggheads!

    Make it illegal and punishable by death. Then all the nerds will rush to create those sex androids I keep reading about. They will diddle us with its mouth and reproductive organs. We can then go back to buying men and women as androids so that we don't ever have to meet or interact with real people ever again. We can just sit down and have the android go to town until we die of dehydration or malnutrition.

  • First day of december be like

    So I did no nut november and that first day after was like WOAHJHJHHHLHH. It was so good I think beating meat needs to be limited to once a month by law. It produces health benefits and makes people less sex obsessed. This would help our society in a lot of ways. Also make no nut november mandatory so the losers who beat their meat 10 times a day go out and be productive

  • Masturbation is okay.

    Masturbation should be performed inside and as long as it's inside the house. Most appropriately the basement of the house. It's a form of entertainment inside the house. As long as women in your house take birth control pills, And do it in your basement to avoid police knocking the door.

  • No God pls no

    It doesnt make sense like your existence you stupid ass nigga. Go to hell with the autistic kids. Masturbation is very important and if you can only find your dick once in a moth don't make it to a problem for other people. Next time use your brain! Thank u

  • Masturbation feels good

    'Nough said. Masturbation is harmless fun as long as it's in the privacy of your own home, So why not just do it as often as possible? Fantastic way to relieve stress after work or school. Can get an orgasm without worrying about relationships, Pregnancy, STIs, Or other BS that comes with using your genitals against live human beings.

  • No, We shouldn't

    This is about freedom and control over your body. My body my choice. Making an internet challenge a real law about not masturbating doesn't affect anybody else other than that person, So why should they care? I can understand suggesting limiting, But making it into a law seems like a big waste of time.

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