• Definitely listening to them.

    We've all been children before and we understand how the innocent mind of a child works. They see things in different ways as the adults. For grownups, they have accustomed to a certain way of thought whereas for the children, anything can be fresh, interesting, new. Some may say that they provide stupid ideas but they used to say the world was flat and how wrong was that? Stupid, is only a word you use to limit someone's abilities. If you'd only just listen, you may find out more than you ever intended to from a child than from someone grown up. It's the way their mind and heart opens up to every little thing in life that differs from that of the adults.

  • True but we should look at how smart they are

    Yes children often do have interesting perspectives to a situation that is simply because they don't understand the nature of the situation . Lets use the poor man on the street " mommy why can't we help him ".
    " well because mommy doesn't want to end up on the street".
    Or pollution why do they want pollution to go away ? Because they think it would be easy they don't know the true nature of the situation . Some children are aware of the reality and their perspective could be viewed as an adults.

  • Kids have fresh perspectives.

    They aren't afraid to be honest. The Emperor's New Clothes demonstrated that. ;)
    When I was little, I always felt special when an adult would ask for my opinion, and listen to me. I want to do the same for kids in my life, because I want them to feel just as valued.
    Adults have nothing to lose by listening to kids. It doesn't demean them, and they are not forced to follow their ideas. It's a win-win situation; the adults get a fresh perspective and kids get experience dealing with real issues.

  • Yes, we should

    Kids are a valuable part of society. They witness things and bring fresh ideas. They also question our traditions and ideals. Here's some examples:

    Kids often are witnesses to crimes, but are usually the last to be asked about them, if they're even asked at all.

    Kids question things such as pollution and poverty. "Mummy, why is that man living on the street? Shouldn't we help him?" And parents often walk past the man.

    Kids are very creative and have a lot to offer society, if society would listen.

    Kids usually see the wonder and importance in things that we often take for granted.

    I'm not saying that we have to obey children, but their minds are so different and generally un-tainted compared to older people's, so I think we could learn a lot from them

  • They provide new ideas

    Children often ask important questions and are capable of providing ideas that an adult would rarely come up with. You do not have an adult brain until you are about 21, but that does not necessarily mean a child's brain is inferior. Children are taught to be creative and they are very good at this. Creativity is a very useful skill for problem solving that adults often greatly lack when compared to a child.

    I also like mishapqueen's statement when saying this can help make children feel valued and encourage them to engage in issues to ask their opinion. Teaching children at a young age to engage in issues and develop real problem solving skills is excellent for training leaders for the future.

  • Kids have no inherent wisdom

    Children have developing brains and are often sheltered from reality. The two combined mean that they usually will not have anything of particular value to say. When they do of course they should have the opportunity to have their ideas tested, but there's no point in seeking out the perspectives of children since they lack knowledge and experience. Of course a child with something worthwhile to say may face difficulty in being heard, but if their age presents an impassable obstacle there's an easy solution.

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