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  • From A Less Individualistic Perspective

    I personally agree that we should live in a surveillance society as every country and every government ultimately aims at protecting their citizens promoting their welfare.

    Every riot, war, instigated by terrorist groups began through Text Messages written in such a manner not bringing the attention of the CIA.

    Yes, there may be a negligent loss in terms of freedom. But what is wrong in compromising a little bit of privacy to protect the nation.

    Many a times, if we take a consensus, we see that people who protest against living in such a surveillance society themselves commit petty crimes, such as visiting illegal websites and indulging in unhealthy actions over the cyber space.

  • Yes, I actually think we should.

    If there is no surveillance, there is no safety. Now, I do not mean there should be cameras in everyone's houses, I just mean around the streets and buildings. I have nothing to hide, so I have no problem with the government watching me. I would like for criminals to be monitored so they can be stopped. Surveillance keeps society safe.

  • No surveillance, no safety.

    A surveillance society is a society in which we are being watched; our every move. Whether it be the text messages you sent to your sister last week, the credit card pin you entered online or the roasted chicken recipe you searched last week. Even the CCTV's in your school or in the mall are part of this surveillance society.
    I believe we should live in a surveillance society as it is helping us with all the wars and crimes going on in the world. Everyday, so many things happen online and offline and so many crimes. Crimes are always committed with a cause or reason behind them. Many times, after a crime or accident has taken place, such as a suicide case, the persons instant messages, emails, whereabouts and everything gets checked.
    If we would not live in a surveillance society, the crimes and cases that we solve would fall by number.

  • Extravert to introvert

    The amount of ignorance about this subject just keeps surprising me everyday. I went from an extravert to an introvert, just because so many humans fall for the tricks of the government. You cant make this stuff up; people will defend most idiotic ideas just because the government tells them its good.

  • No because the data will be abused

    The main problem I have is that we can't control how the data will be used. Will it be used to silence political dissidents or perhaps even used to determine whether we get a job or an insurance policy? Will innocent people be harassed because computer algorithms determine they are suspicious?

  • We should not live in a surveillance society.

    Living in a surveillance society will promote less freedom to everyone, which is not something that we want. People want more freedom and more privacy and being watched is taking that away from us. The fact that the government right now is watching their own citizens is kind of scary. They treat us as if we are the enemy and we are a threat. It is really sad what is happening in our country.

  • What kind of question is this? Are you trolling?

    Surveillance society is another phrase that simply means police state. Why would anyone want to live in a world without personal liberties? Do you really feel so insignificant that you need a nanny to watch everything you do? I'd rather die than live in a world where I can't even send a text message to a friend without it being analyzed by some fat slob bureaucrat.

  • 100% Absolutely not.

    I think people on both sides of the political spectrum would agree that living in that kind of society is a horrible idea. While security is good, yes, being monitored all the time is basically like living in an Orwellian society. If the people monitoring us wanted to accuse someone of something, tapes could be easily tampered with if the technology was available.

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