• Zoos are not what you think!!

    Animals in zoos are rescues that can never be re released into the wild due to imprint, injury, etc. Very few zoos exist where healthy animals are taken from the wild, and those that do exist don't do very well financially because nobody wants to support something like that; Support your local zoos they love animals too and just want to help!

  • It would be good for animal too!!!

    Just as housecats live longer than strays, virtually all
    wild animals live longer in captivity. They never go hungry. They never need to
    fight for their food, and if they get injured their wounds are tended. They are
    cared for if they become ill. Finally, when they become old and slow, food and
    water are still available to them, and they need not fear being taken down by a
    young lion. Zoos were built to educate and entertain humans, but from an animal’s
    point of view, they provide a long and healthy life.

  • Well duh yes

    What else would we do? Unlock them? Let's count the ways this can go wrong, wait sorry, I don't have enough damned fingers. Let's just say when your child is taking a bloody slide into a tiger's stomach, you won't think you had such a good idea. Plus, it makes it easier to shoot them. Have you ever tasted lion's meat? That's what I call a steak.

  • Where else to put them?

    I would much rather want to see an animal getting food on a daily basis in a nice large cage, than having to struggle to survive from day to day. I believe that we should treat our animals kindly and locking them in the zoo will give them a better life.

  • How would you feel if you were locked up

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  • Don't lock up animals!!

    Animals deserve to be in the wild. Animals can't live a healthy life or it would not be as healthy as in the wild. Also animals can get stressed and sick from being in the zoo. It's like putting someone in jail for a crime they didn't commet. That's why I think animals should not be locked up.

  • We are animals to you know.

    Locking up animals so people can look at them is the zoos brilliant idea. Or is it? People are animals to and just because we are more capable of more thing we think its right to lock up animals in small cages. Listen to your selves. How cruel can we be?

  • Animals should NOT be Kept in zoos.

    Most zoos have small cages for there animals then the animal does not have enough space to room free. I Know I am just a kid but I have a very strong opinion. I hate zoos when I look in the animals cages I feel so bad for them, I just want to free them all. What if you were separated from your mother or daughter and got moved far away from her not knowing if you would ever see her again? I don't know about you but I would be terrified that's how animals in zoos always feel so scared and locked up.

  • Because animals have fair life of their own to live like us.

    Do you want to be in a caged being locked up? NO! Same thing as animals. There are some zoos that torture animals and locked them up in a dark dark cage or maybe being alone in a cage. Zoos sometimes help animals, but most of the time zoos make animal sad! The feeling of being alone locked up in a cage? It is just painful to watch animal die in depression of being locked up in a cage!

  • No they shouldn,t no duhh

    Their population will slowly decrease. Theres no point in putting them for peoples enjoyments. They get very depressed being locked up in a zoo until death. There suppose to run and be free and not sad and hopeless. They came from nature not zoos. They are trapped like being in jail. They have feelings and they should be treated like us humans.

  • It's not humane to take an animal out of the wild

    I don't support zoo's when they take perfectly healthy animals out of the wild. I believe that Zoo's should be facilities where animals are housed when they are in capable of surviving in the wild on their own. For example if they are injured and the injury although healed prevents them from returning to the wild.

  • How would you feel if YOU were locked up?

    No, it's unfair to the animals. Just think of yourself being a animal that was once free in the wild and you were captured and taken away from your natural habitat. You were then placed into a small enclosure with people with cameras flashing pictures toward your way....And all you can do is stay locked up.

  • I'd hate to be called a 'liberal hippy' but...

    No. We shouldn't. People say we can learn about them and study them like this. That seeing pictures 'just isn't the same'. That the animals are safer and treated better in zoos, living longer lives. That it would be dangerous to let the animals go free. All very valid sounding points. So I suppose we should start locking up babies in science exhibits. Learn about them. Watch them grow and study why teenagers get certain traits and not others. This would of course, be inhumane and condemned by the general public. And then there is the matter of them being 'safe' and 'treated better'. On the contrary, many animals are mistreated, fed the wrong things, and cages could hardly be considered a natural environment. On the matter of them 'being to dangerous'... Well. Rather than keeping them in zoos, where accidents like kids slipping into cages and getting ripped to shreds happens, why not just put them back in their NATURAL HABITATS?! Duh. Just... Duh. Animals should not be locked up in zoos... Now, I don't care about the well beings of those animals personally. However, I have enough facts to know it's wrong.

  • I think we souldnt because once you let the them out they will be lazy and die because of other animals .

    Why are we locking up animals in cages and let die off just so people can see them the people are not learning nothing about them so what the point of this tricky game people dont clean then cage why do they do this i wish they would stop it .

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